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The Assassin Aveline de Grandpré wore a set of robes which could be customized, either by dyeing them or equipping different headwear.

Assassin robes

ACL Assassin Outfit

Aveline wearing her Assassin robes

Aveline's standard robes which she wore throughout her life.

The attire consisted of an undershirt, the robes themselves, which were patterned along the edges, and leather spaulders. The last of these were connected at the front by two belts and also featured a single shoulderguard. The outfit also came with a scarf that had a pattern similar to the sash Aveline wore around her waist.

The lower part of the robes were doubly layered and about equal in length. The sash was fastened with an Assassin insignia, which held two pistol holsters and pouches containing cartridges, smoke bombs and poison darts.


Aveline had access to various dyes, which could be used for all three of her guises. These outfits could be dyed at any tailor shop, or in Aveline's hideout at her family's warehouse in New Orleans.

In addition, Aveline possessed several pieces of headwear, including a beaked hood, which could be worn with her Assassin outfit.


  • One of Aveline's Hidden Blade bracers was adorned with the symbol of Erzulie. In-game models depict said bracer as being on Aveline's left arm, but promotional art is generally inconsistent, with some showing it strapped around the left arm, while others show it strapped around the right arm.