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Avdotya Voronina[1] (30 July 1983 – 20 March 2014) was a member of the Russian Brotherhood of Assassins and part of a cell operating from an Assassin science city in Protvino, Moscow. Born to Medeya Voronina, an Assassin scientist, she was also the twin sister of Galina, and granddaughter of Sergei and another scientist.[2]

In 2013, she began writing in her grandmother's journal, detailing the Russian government's decision to dissolve the Russian Academy of Sciences, which the Assassins had long used as a cover for their operations. She also wrote about her mother's experiments with the Animus and how she and all other Assassins had gone insane from the Bleeding Effect.[2]

Her mother eventually forced her to take Animus sessions as well, and she inevitably fell victim to the Bleeding Effect. On 20 March 2014, with the support of the crew of the Altaïr II, Galina attacked the Protvino laboratory and killed all the Assassins present, including her sister.[2]