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The Austrian Rite of the Templar Order, was one of the Rites comprising the Templar Order. A group of like-minded individuals who swore an allegiance to the Templar ideals, that operated in Austria.

During the 18th century, it was assisted by the British Rite during the War of the Austrian Succession and during the Austro-Turkish War, the Austrian Rite supported the moderate faction of the Parisian Rite against François-Thomas Germain and his extremist.


War of the Austrian SuccessionEdit

The Austrian Rite was assisted during the War of the Austrian Succession, Haytham Kenway assassinated an Austrian prince to protect the interests of the Templars and later aided the British Army under Edward Braddock's command at Bergen op Zoom.[1]

Austro-Turkish WarEdit

During the Austro-Turkish War, the Austrian Rite supported the Parisian Templar, Chrétien Lafrenière, having sent Templars and given finical support to the moderates of the Parisian Rite in Paris during the French Revolution. They helped Lafrenière preparing for the attack on the Hôtel de Beauvais, it served as a meeting place for the Jacobin Club and it was a meeting place for a radical faction of the Templar Order led by Grand Master François-Thomas Germain. However the plan was thwarted by the Assassin Arno Dorian under the manipulation of Germain, who made Arno think Lafrenière was responsible for the murder of Grand Master François de la Serre. Afterwords other members of the Austrian Rite was present at Lafrenière's meeting in le Cimetière des Innocents with all his other Templar allies across Europe, where Lafrenière was killed by Arno before he could launch the attack on the Jacobin Club.[2] The British Templar Frederick Weatherall asked for support by various Rites all over the world to support Élise de la Serre, however Weatherall only received sympathy but not support.[3]

Allies and puppets

  • Reginald Birch (British Rite)
  • Haytham Kenway (British Rite)
  • Edward Braddock (British Rite)
  • Chrétien Lafrenière (Parisian Rite)
  • Frederick Weatherall (British Rite)


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