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Republic of Austria
Flag of Austria
Political information
Ruling body


Other factions


Historical information
Date founded

976 (Margraviate of Austria)
1156 (Duchy of Austria)
1453 (Archduchy of Austria)
1804 (Austrian Empire)
1867 (Austro-Hungarian Empire)
1918 (First Republic)
1934 (Federal State)
1938 (Anschluss)
since 1945 (Second Republic)

Austria is a country in central Europe bordering Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia. Its capital city is Vienna.

A war over the succession to the Austrian throne took place from 1740 and 1748. During this war, Haytham Kenway assassinated an Austrian prince to protect the interests of the Templars, and later aided the British Army under Edward Braddock's command at Bergen op Zoom.[1]

The Assassin Arno Dorian was of mixed French and Austrian descent. During the French Revolution, Austria sided with King Louis XVI of France and sent spies to Paris to retrieve information on its defenses. Led by the Comte de Gambais and the Vicomte de Gambais, the spy ring was eventually eradicated on 2 September 1792 by Arno Dorian and the Assassins, and the map of the defenses never reached the Austrians.[2]


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