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This article is about the first Emperor of Rome. You may be looking for Octavian, Baron de Valois.

"Rome is a cracked wall, run by a drunk, a lunatic and the leader of the Order. Octavian scares us all."
Amunet to Bayek, 38 BCE.[src]
ACOC Augustus


Augustus (Latin: Imperātor Caesar Dīvī Fīlius Augustus; 23 September 63 BCE – 19 August 14 CE) was the founder of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, ruling from 27 BCE until his death. Born as Gaius Octavius, he was mainly known as Octavian before becoming Emperor. He was also a leader of the Order of the Ancients, ensuring the Order retained its grip over the Roman lands.[1]


Following the the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar, Octavian's maternal great-uncle and adoptive father, Octavian formed an alliance with Marcus Antonius in order to eliminate the Senators responsible for Caesar's death, many of whom were were members of the Hidden Ones. Octavian's army fought the rebels forces led by Marcus Junius Brutus during the Battle of Philippi on 3 October 42 BCE, but was defeated. Antonius, however, was able to defeat Brutus' ally and fellow Hidden One, Gaius Cassius Longinus, who subsequently committed suicide. Twenty days later, Brutus himself suffered the same fate after a second battle with Octavian, one which ended in victory for the future emperor.[2]