At the Pub was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.


In an attempt to find out more about Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer's activities, Aveline set out to question Carlos Dominguez.


Aveline went to the docks, where she spoke to one of Dominguez's crew members.

  • Crew member: Señorita.
  • Aveline: Bonsoir (Good evening). I'm a friend of Captain Dominguez. Is he onboard?
  • Crew member: At this hour! El Capitán is at the tavern, where else?
  • Aveline: Thank you.

Aveline ventured into the city to find Dominguez.

  • Dominguez: ... Farewell and adieu to you best Paris ladies, farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spa... Spain. It is the only thing I am! I am Carlos Dominguez!
  • Aveline: Capitán. We meet again.
  • Dominguez: Do we? All... three... of you... look familiar. But you're all welcome back to my cabin. I've manhood for-
  • Aveline: I don't think–
  • Dominguez: Or we can consort right here!
  • Aveline: What do you know about Rafael Joaquín de Ferrer?
  • Dominguez: I'm afraid he's not invited!
  • Aveline: What's your business with him?
  • Dominguez: He pays for transport to and from New Orleans. That's all I do– transport the things and get paid. Things, paid. Transport, paid. Back and forth and forth and back...
  • Aveline: What is he doing? Why New Orleans?
  • Dominguez: I do not know. Señor de Ferrer is a very secretive man.
  • Aveline: Thank you for your time, Capitán.

Aveline ventured home, where she met with her father.

At The Pub 4

Philippe speaking with Aveline

  • Philippe: Aveline, out and about as always.
  • Aveline: But home to rest, now, Papa.
  • Philippe: Monsieur Blanc tells me you do a great service to my business– to our business, for it will be your husband's some day.
  • Aveline: Oh, Papa... You know I should sooner mind my own business than marry.
  • Philippe: As stubborn as your mother, Jeanne. If only she could see you now...
  • Aveline: But she can't.
  • Philippe: No. But perhaps you are old enough now... It is not much. One page. But it is from her diary. You should have it.
  • Aveline: Maman... Thank you, Papa.


Aveline discovered little news about de Ferrer and returned home, but was gifted a page of her mother's diary after a talk with her father.


  • In the Vita iteration, the memory took place in 1765, just after The Colony's Good. This was changed in the HD remake, however, with the memory taking place after The Whole Truth.