Assault was a visual representation of one of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad's genetic memories in the Animus 1.28.


Altaïr traveled to the Buffavento Castle, in order to assassinate the Oracle, who had been supplying the Templars with information regarding the resistance on Cyprus.


Altaïr infiltrated the castle, and made his way to the dungeons. He overheard Armand Bouchart speaking with Shalim.

  • Armand: So the girl got away again, did she?
  • Shalim: I'm sure she had help. One minute she was chained up, the next she was gone...
  • Armand: Don't insult me Shalim. Your weakness for women is well known. You let your guard down and she just walked away.
  • Shalim: I WILL find her again, Grand Master. I swear it.
  • Armand: Do it quickly, before she leads the Assassin directly to the Archive. Oh and Shalim... see that this is delivered to Alexander in Limassol.

Armand handed a burlap sack to Shalim.

  • Shalim: Yes, Grand Master.
  • Altaïr: Alexander is working with the Templars too? My God, Bouchart has spies everywhere.
Assault Dark Oracle 5

Bouchart leaving the Oracle's cell

Altaïr made his way deeper into the fortress, tailing the Master Interrogator and taking his keys to the lower prison, where he eventually found Oracle's cell. She muttered and laughed as Bouchart left. Suddenly, a scream was heard.

  • Armand: What's happening?
  • Templar: It's that madwoman, sir. She's on a rampage... two of the guards are dead!
  • Armand: Let her play. She has served her purpose.

Altaïr entered the Oracle's cell and was attacked by her.

  • Oracle: Pagan blood... I know your name, sinner... I know why you're here... God guide my claws... God grant me strength to snap your bones...
    God guide and protect me!
    The Devil sends his demons, and I answer the challenge!
    Keep still, heathen!
    God speaks, his voice is near!
Assault Dark Oracle 9

Altaïr assassinating the Oracle

Altaïr defeated the Oracle.

  • Oracle: Glory of God... I am his instrument... God's executioner... I fear no pain, nor death...
  • Altaïr: You were a Cypriot once, a respected noblewoman. What secrets did you tell those devils?
  • Oracle: Not without purpose do I deal in misery... by God's command, I am his instrument...
  • Altaïr: Whatever the Templars have done to you my lady, they have done you wrong. Forgive me for this...

Altaïr assassinated the Oracle with his Hidden Blade.


Altaïr infiltrated the Buffavento Castle and assassinated the Dark Oracle.