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The Prowler assassinating the Priest

Assassinate is a virtual training mode in the first and second stage of the Animi Training Program and the console stage of the Animus games console.

It was included with a system update during the first stage, and is currently one of the most popular training modes available. It consists of one 10 minute round, with four to eight participants in each session.


Assassinate is a free-for-all training mode which requires an individual to differentiate between non-player characters (NPCs) and other users, and then kill their chosen target. Participants only accumulate points if successful targets are chosen, with the penalty of receiving no points for selecting and killing civilians. Additionally, included within the console stage, users will be left vulnerable if this occurs.

At the start of the session, participants are given a modified Manhunt compass that shows the direction of all other users. In order to obtain a contract, a participant must use the aiming reticule to lock onto an Animi Avatar in order to initiate a contract with them. The image of the target will then appear in the upper-right corner of the screen along with a stealth meter. Once the contract has been established, the compass will be replaced with a regular Wanted compass and will start tracking their chosen target.

Pursuers are obtained in this mode when a user is locked onto by another. Once they have been locked, a bright red glow will radiate from them, along with a red triangle counter lighting up on the heads-up display (HUD). In this mode, it is possible to accumulate up to seven pursuers, unlike in the Wanted training mode, where the maximum is four.

Participants must be careful to pick the right target to assassinate. NPCs can be locked onto by mistake, and killing them will expose a user to others nearby.

Another feature unique to this training mode is "exposing." Whenever a recruit is locked onto by another, should they manage to lock onto the one who would be their pursuer, they will be exposed. When this happens, the pursuer's stealth meter will drop drastically to the point where if they enter into a high profile action, it will initiate a chase.