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Shortcuts are a special type of redirect page, designed to give easy access around the wiki's non-mainspace articles.

Shortcuts in use on a Project page are given in the form of a box, in the upper right hand corner of the article, identical to the one on the right at the moment.

All shortcuts start with the prefix "AC:".


A list of shortcuts currently in use follows. (Visit {{Shortcut/list}} to edit).

  • AC:SHC – Project:Shortcut
  • AC:BUR – Project:Bureau
  • AC:STF – Project:Staff
  • AC:GA – Project:Good Article Nominations
  • AC:FA – Project:Featured Article Nominations
  • AC:APP – Project:Apprentices
  • AC:POL – Project:WikiPolicies
  • AC:MOS – Project:Manual of Style
    • AC:MOS/L – Project:Manual of Style/Landmarks
    • AC:MOS/LC – Project:Manual of Style/Locations
    • AC:MOS/WP – Project:Manual of Style/ProjectSample
  • AC:BDI – Project:Bakery and Desserts Inc.
  • AC:BHI – Project:Brotherhoodian
  • AC:COM – Project:Community Portal
  • AC:CPR – Project:Copyrights
  • AC:MNT – Project:Maintenance
  • AC:PRT – Project:Protected page
  • AC:SND – Project:Sandbox
  • AC:TPL – Project:Templates
  • AC:IR - Image requests

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