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The following page is an apprentice assignment page, which acts as a connection between the Apprentice, Arcemz , and their Mentor, DarkFeather . It exists as an external talk page, aimed at dealing with all aspects of the apprenticeship. Only the above mentioned users and the staff have permission to converse here. Any outside interference will result in an immediate ban from the wiki.

Since we needed to divert the Liberation project to other editors, your final project will be to create a small portal for stubs, revamps, good, and featured articles. Choose a symbol from the AC universe, and build a portal using that image as a foundation. Guidance is available upon request. Good hunting.


As you've considered worth your time, Apprentice, now is your chance to prove your worth. Ensure the Wiki's data on all of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is up to date, including memories, characters, soundtracks, and title pages. Supply images as you can. Your focus is to make sure the Wiki has all the data -- write the pages that aren't there and revamp the ones that are. If you need specific help, ask around and we'll try to point you in the right direction. Ultimately, this is your project, however, and your performance here will determine how quickly you are nominated for Staff. The more you can do on your own, the better it will reflect on you come nominations. Good luck, Assassin, and good hunting.


Assassin, you've done well so far. Let's crack into something a little tougher. Your task is to eliminate all errors on smoke bombs, Romagna, and Assassin's Creed: The Secret Crusade. What they need is up to you, but we expect finished products to be waiting for us. You have a tolerance of 9 minor and 1 major mistakes. Good luck, Apprentice -- I believe you'll do well.


Alright, Assassin. We've had some good times in safe ground. Now it's time to venture out. Armory, Galata District, and Decryptions of The Truth need some expansion and revamp. They may only need a couple extra sentences, or they may need several paragraphs added along with a full revamp. Remember your previous training, and make good use of the four draft reviews you have available. You will have a tolerance of 11 minor and 2 major mistakes.


Good work so far, Assassin. Now it is time for you to leave the safest shells of editing and venture more into the unknown. Your journey will take you to Acre, Jerusalem, and Damascus, in the very footsteps of Grandmaster Altaïr. With five draft reviews at your disposal and a tolerance of 13 major and 2 minor mistakes, study the landscape of the revamps, investigate the errors present, and strike quickly and decisively to remove them. Should be old-hat, Apprentice. Good hunting!


As a Staff member I believe you have a strong need to remember the game's roots and its culture as it was in the beginning, not just as it stands now. The Sword of Altaïr has been in many games (I'm tempted to say all but Bloodlines, but Discovery is technically canon). It is a good article to serve as a metaphor for tracking the progression of the games. Regardless, this is an editing assignment, so please revamp this to fit MoS standards. Remember you have 6 draft review requests with a tolerance of 15 minor and 2 major errors for successfully completing this assignment. Good hunting -- safety and peace, my apprentice.


Please revamp Assassin's Creed (comic) to Manual of Style standards. Any resource you wish to use is available to you in this assignment, but the edits must be done yourself. Make sure to use { { Apprentice Revamp|Arcemz|DarkFeather } } without the spaces near the braces to denote the fact that you are working on the page, and create a sandbox for yourself if you need multiple edits to do the job. While this template is on the page, your editing is protected under ACWiki policy.


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