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Assassin's Creed is a mobile game made by Gameloft, a subsidiary of Ubisoft, that was released in 2007, alongside the main game. The game featured Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad in the Third Crusade as he tried to redeem his honor.


Altaïr was a member of the Assassin Order, a faction in opposition to the Knights Templar. Before the Third Crusade, Altaïr was the most skilled Assassin in the entire Order. He was demoted after he failed to assassinate Robert de Sable and led the Templars back to Masyaf. After his demotion, Altaïr's master and leader of the Assassins, Sinan, offered him a task. To regain his former reputation, Altaïr was ordered to kill seven high-ranked Templars scattered throughout the three cities of Acre, Masyaf, and Jerusalem. Sibrand, William of Montferrat and Garnier de Naplouse awaited him in Acre. Altaïr killed Vizier Abull Aswad and Tamir Bin Musa near Masyaf, and killed Maj Aldin, Tallal, and Robert de Sable in Jerusalem. With his reputation restored and his missions completed, Altaïr returned to his master Sinan, only to discover that Sinan was in fact secretly a Templar who had manipulated Altaïr to eliminate Sinan's former allies to consolidate more power for himself. With this revelation of Sinan's betrayal of the Creed, Altaïr was forced to confront and kill his former master. With Sinan dead, Altaïr obtained the treasure he had previously looted from Robert de Sable: the elusive Piece of Eden capable of altering the world's fate.


The game was composed of 8 levels in Acre, Masyaf, and Jerusalem. To traverse them, Altaïr had various abilities, including running, dashing, crouching, jumping, swinging on poles or chains, blending with scholars, and attacking with his different weapons. During the span of the game, Altaïr's health was indicated by a health bar at the top left of the screen, consisting of three sections at the beginning of the game but gradually expanding as the player discovers hidden memory blocks. Special to the gameplay in cold, snowy Masyaf is the temperature bar, a vertical bar on the right hand side of the screen. When the temperature bar hits bottom, Altaïr will die of freezing. To keep his temperature warm, Altaïr must approach the torches spread throughout several locations.


Similar to Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles, the environment was a key feature of gameplay. The areas through which Altaïr traveled were filled with complex paths that he needed to precisely maneuver through, many of which were interspersed with interactive elements such as mechanisms or torches. This environment provided an engaging backdrop for the game while also allowing Altaïr to choose when and where he met most of his foes.


AC Mobile Gameplay

Altaïr using the grappling hook

Throughout his journey, Altaïr had the ability to use five different weapons: his sword, a grappling hook, bombs, a crossbow, and a hidden blade. Each came with different advantages for dealing with enemies Altaïr encountered along his journey.

Altaïr had this weapon from the beginning of the game. When he confronted an enemy, he automatically drew his sword. He was also capable of blocking enemy attacks and dodging them by moving backwards. By pressing 8 when the enemy's health is low, Altaïr went behind the enemy's back, and then, by pressing 5, he killed him with the hidden blade. He could also use his sword to move mechanisms so that he could jump on platforms, or he could use it to drop flameholders on the walls and light torches.

Grappling hook
Altaïr obtained this weapon after winning the confrontation against Garnier de Naplouse. It could be used to swing on hooks in the ceiling, to pull icicles and objects to ground level, or to catch an enemy and use him as a jumping platform.

The bomb was a very effective weapon, although its supply was limited and had to be refilled by walking into a weapon recharging point. While fighting guards, it was a lot easier to throw a bomb than to fight with the sword. Altaïr obtained the bombs just before his meeting with Tamir bin Musa.

Altaïr later obtained the crossbow just prior to his confrontation with Maj Aldim, which he could use to snipe enemies from afar, trigger the gear mechanisms, or shoot down flameholders to light torches. Like the bombs, its supply was limited and had to be refilled by walking into a weapon recharging point.

Hidden blade
Altaïr used a hidden blade in the assassination of his targets. While not a selectable weapon like the others, the hidden blade allowed for quick situational or critical kills. The hidden blade could also be used as a counter-kill weapon when paired with the sword.

Differences from the main gameEdit

Assassin's Creed mobile

Altaïr assassinates Sibrand

  • Usage of bombs, the grappling hook and the crossbow were not included in the main game.
  • Majd Addin was called "Maj Aldim."
  • Al Mualim was called "Sinan," reaffirming the idea that Al Mualim's character was based upon Rashid ad-Din Sinan.
  • Al Mualim did not use a Piece of Eden in the game and Altaïr obtained it from Robert de Sable instead.
  • Masyaf was shown as the ice crusader's fortress high in the mountains.
  • There was no mention of the Assassin Order.
  • The confrontation with Robert was shown as a horse ride and the final fight took place in Jerusalem.
  • Abu'l Nuqoud was called "Vizier Abull Aswad".
  • Altaïr did not use a short blade or throwing knives.
  • Talal's name was spelled as "Tallal."
  • All of the guards featured within the game appear as crusaders.
  • Altaïr's assassination targets in this game all dressed in the Templar outfit.
  • Maj Aldim, Garnier de Naplouise, and Robert de Sable had a blazing fire skill and Al Mualim had a camouflage skill.
  • There was no mention of Damascus and instead the missions took place in Masyaf.

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