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Project Legacy

Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy is a Facebook game that was first made available on 30 September 2010 with the "Italian Wars" memory set.

Players are recruits for Abstergo Industries' Project Legacy, who relive the genetic memories of other individuals through a machine known as the DDS (Data Dump Scanner). Presumably, the DDS is similar to an Animus, but can allow a person to relive the memory of someone who is not their ancestor.

Currently, there are three memory sets available: "Italian Wars", "Rome" (released 15 November 2010) and "Holidays" (released 22 December 2010). The fourth memory set, Divine Science (released 4 July 2011) was made available outside of the DDS by Erudito - the DDS interface still says the pack is "coming soon".

An Abstergo dossier states that Project Legacy is currently on hold due to security concerns.

Italian Wars

Summary: Italian Wars Event Chart

Chapter 1 - Bartolomeo d'Alviano

Main article: Chapter 1 - Bartolomeo d'Alviano

Welcome to the DDS Program. Please remain still while we synchronize your first assignment.

In 1509 CE, the Battle of Agnadello dealt a devastating blow to the Venetian army. You will relive this battle through the eyes and mind of one of its captains, Bartolomeo d'Alviano. Please report any anomalies you encounter.

Chapter 2 - Francesco Vecellio

Main article: Chapter 2 - Francesco Vecellio

You may feel mild discomfort during synchronization. This is normal. It is important to maintain your concentration.

History places Niccolò di Pitigliano's death in Lonigo, Italy in the year 1510 CE. Our data supports this fact. But the circumstances of his death require further investigation. Please take notes and report your findings.

Chapter 3 - Mario Auditore

Main article: Chapter 3 - Mario Auditore

We are now synchronizing the DDS. For your safety, please report any nosebleeds, vertigo, nausea, or hallucinations.

Land-hungry Florence sought possession of the walled city of Monteriggioni, but it held strong for years under the guidance of the Auditore family. You will dissect the memories of Mario Auditore, who struggled to keep his city safe through the latter half of the 15th century.

Chapter 4 - Perotto Calderon

Main article: Chapter 4 - Perotto Calderon

While we prepare to synchronize, please listen to the following questions. Be sure to report any difficulties you have answering. What is your name? Where do you live? What year is it?

We have a unique window into the lives and secrets of the infamous Borgia family. The DDS has recovered the memories of one of their trusted couriers, Perotto Calderon. Your task is to find out exactly what he discovered.


Chapter 1 - Fiora Cavazza

Main article: Chapter 1 - Fiora Cavazza

Please wait a moment while we synchronize the DDS. You may find yourself daydreaming more often and sleeping less. This is a normal side effect of the program.

Many of Rome's biggest names spent their leisure time indulging in its many brothels. They were ideal information hubs for those eager to scale the social ladder. Fiora Cavazza was one such courtesan. Investigate her contacts; find out who she knew, and what she did with that knowledge.

Chapter 2 - Giovanni Borgia

Main article: Chapter 2 - Giovanni Borgia

The DDS is going to try to synchronize you with the memories of a child. This may be confusing for you at first, as you will lose your ability to convey complex thought, but your mind should quickly adapt.

The truth behind the real parents of Giovanni Borgia, the "Child of Rome," has long baffled historians. But even more perplexing is Giovanni's insignificant life that followed. How does one stand right in the center of the hurricane and remain untouched? Your task is to learn what history has hidden from us.

Chapter 3 - Francesco Vecellio

Main article: Chapter 3 - Francesco Vecellio

Now synching the DDS system. We're going to take a moment to test your emotional range. Please focus on a fond memory. Good. Now focus on a painful memory. Perfect.

Just prior to the death of Pope Alexander VI, Cesare Borgia began to lose his grip on Rome. Though you won't find any mention of it in the history books, we suspect a powerful underground movement worked to overthrow the corrupt dynasty. See what you can learn.

Chapter 4 - Giovanni Borgia

Main article: Chapter 4 - Giovanni Borgia

Preparing to synchronize. Note that we are experiencing a small system glitch that may cause a subtle ringing in your ears. It should pass as you enter the memory.

The new world was plundered in the 15th Century. Explorers became conquerors. La Noche Triste, or the Night of Sorrows, was a bloody uprising between the Aztecs and the Spanish conquistadors. Hernán Cortés himself was driven from Tenochtitlan. Firsthand reports of the massacre present opposing perspectives. Find the truth.


Unlike other memory sets, the memories within a "Holidays" chapter feature different protagonists, though all are centered around events during a single day across history (i.e., Christmas Day).

Chapter 1 - Ghosts of Christmas Past

Main article: Chapter 1 - Ghosts of Christmas Past

Chapter 2 - DATA-DUMP S00.S02

Main article: Chapter 2 - DATA-DUMP S00.S02

Divine Science

This pack was released outside of the Project Legacy DDS by Erudito as part of Abstergo's Secure Files .

Chapter 1 - Maria Amiel

Main article: Chapter 1 - Maria Amiel

Please wait while we synchronize the DDS. Close your eyes and try to relax. Inhale deeply, exhale. Inhale, again exhale. That's it.

The Renaissance. As early as 14th Century, Italian scholars began to re-examine ancient classical lore, triggering revitalization of knowledge throughout out Europe. You will explore the memories on one of the Paracelsus's assistants, Maria Amiel. Please report your findings.

Chapter 2 - Kyros of Zarax

Main article: Chapter 2 - Kyros of Zarax

The DDS is attempting to synchronize millennia old memories. Because the memories you'll explore are ancient, you may feel disoriented, even confused. You may also find it hard to discern reality from fiction. This is normal, please remain calm.

Following the events we unlocked in the last sequence, you will now explore the origins of the Hermeticists tradition. You will follow the exploits of the Pythagoras of Samos, the Greek mathematician and scholar. You are one of his protégés, Kyros of Zarax.

Chapter 3 - Elizabeth Jane Weston

Main article: Chapter 3 - Elizabeth Jane Weston

We're attempting to synchronize the DDS system. This will only take a moment. We are almost there. The DDS is now in sync. Thank you for your patience. We hope you'll enjoy your experience.

Rudolf II invited many notable figures to his court, making Prague the center of European culture. Among them were Englishmen Edward Kelley and his step-daughter Elizabeth Jane Weston. Observe her and report any alleged collusion.

Chapter 4 - Frater V.O.V.

Main article: Chapter 4 - Frater V.O.V.

The DDS will synchronize with the memories of an aged man. You may feel you have less energy, poor hearing and eye sight and even experience wobbly legs. This is normal, if you feel pain in your left arm however, please stop and consult your physician.

The Victorian era is characterized by growth, prosperity, political reform and major technological and scientific progress. Interest in the occult also increased during this period. You are about to infiltrate the Hermetic order of the golden dawn.


Promotional Codes

ACPL promo code

Promotional Code screen.

‎Entering 7D05C12C under the Special Code section will give you an item in your Lockbox called Erudito's Network, which is marked with the description "Work for Abstergo, report to us." It cannot be bought or sold, and at random intervals, it will cause Erudito to "assist" you with either an experience boost, a florin boost, an increased chance for chance items, an increased chance for mnemonics, or an increased item output during crafting.

By entering VGVTC8GX, you are granted an Abstergo Insider badge with the description "Work those connections." The Insider Badge increases your chances to win in Skirmishes.


After linking Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood with a Uplay account, you will be able train your Assassin recruits from within Project Legacy. Doing so will also unlock certain events within Project Legacy itself.

Finding and combining the "Auditore Trail" Mnemonic Set will unlock Brotherhood content, and buying certain landmarks within both Project Legacy and Brotherhood (such as the Colosseo) will net you florins in both games.

Unlockables in Brotherhood

Name How to obtain
Venetian Cape Complete "Auditore Trail" mnemonic set.
Florentine Cape Complete "Auditore Trail" mnemonic set.


As of 8 December 2010, Uplay actions and rewards became available for Project Legacy.

The Uplay connectivity of Project Legacy would presumably allow players to avail of more of the Uplay rewards in Brotherhood, as Brotherhood has a greater number of rewards than it has in-game Units to be earned. However, there are an equal amount of points for rewards and actions for Project Legacy; though the points can still be spent on rewards in Brotherhood instead, if one so chooses.


Icon Name Description Reward
PL Action Initiation Initiation Access and execute an event of the 2nd chapter of the Italians Wars set, the memory of Francesco Vecellio. 5U
PL Action Evangelist Evangelist Add 5 new friends to your network. 10U
PL Action Mole Mole Access and execute a Contract triggered from the console game Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. 15U
PL Action Faithful Faithful Play Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy once a day for 10 consecutive days. 20U


Icon Name Description Cost
PL Reward Wallpaper Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy Artwork Download artwork for Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy. 5U
PL Reward Reboot Abstergo System Reboot Access the Abstergo System Reboot item on the Lockbox page. Good for 10 full AP regenerations. 10U
PL Reward Bianca Bianca Bianca, Bartolomeo d'Alviano's sword, is automatically added to your Lockbox page. Increases odds of a Skirmish win. 15U
PL Reward Brute Et Tu, Brute? Access this exclusive memory in the 2nd sequence of the "Rome" set. 20U

Profile Page



The Skills Tab.

  • Conflict - Raises your maximum AP by 1 for each stack of 10 SP spent in Conflict.
  • Intrigue - Gives a bonus to the Florins you produce or gain from missions.
  • Shadow - Increases the chance of getting Chance Item or Mnemonic drops.
  • Knowledge - Raises the amount of crafting spots by 1 for each stack of 10 SP spent in Knowledge (to a maximum of 10 slots at 80 Knowledge points.)


The Stats tab shows the history and data for Money, Crafting, Memories, Mnemonic Sets, Social, Achievements, PVP, and Territories.


Main article: Assassin's Creed: Project Legacy Achievements

The Achievements tab lists certain criteria that have been met within the game, such as reaching a certain level, purchasing property, or completing a certain mission.



Screenshot of the DDS 2.0.

As of June 2011, Ubisoft has stated that the Divine Science memory set and the DDS 2.0 will be released in the forthcoming weeks. It was suspected this would be released alongside Assassin's Creed: Revelations as the Rome set was alongside Brotherhood. However, as of May 2012, it still has not been released. The improvements of the new system are:

  • No longer needing to click through 500+ SP when reassigning.
  • Crafting now allows for multiple concurrent crafts of the same item.
  • Achievements should now unlock instantly.
  • "Collect All" now collects income from all cross-Pack Buildings.
  • Functional cross pack Go To Navigation.
  • Inclusion of a Mastery Level System.
In the Assassin's Creed Encyclopedia, it states that "Due to security concerns, Project Legacy has been put on hold."

This may explain why the holiday pack did not come out in 2011.

Anson Peake : Manager of Project Legacy apparently went missing and that is the reason behind Project Legacy's stop.


  • A still from Project Legacy can be seen on one of Lucy Stillman's computer screens in the Sanctuary during Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.
  • Almost all multiplayer characters from Brotherhood feature in Project Legacy memories.

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