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This article is about cheats unlocked in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. You may be looking for cheats in general.
ACB-Cheats Screen

The Cheat menu

In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, cheats have been added to make gameplay more interesting. They are unlocked by getting 100% synchronization for all of the memories in any given sequence, and can only be used while replaying a memory.

To access cheats, once in a replayed memory, press start. From there, go to the options menu and there will be a cheats access, where one can pick the cheats desired and apply. Following this, a warning prompt will appear that notes that progress will not be saved whilst cheats are activated.

Ride The UnicornEdit

ACB-Cheat Unicorn

Ezio holding a glowing sword, beside a unicorn

How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 1.


All horses are turned into unicorns, and all weapons have an added glowing effect.


None of the memories in Sequence 1 have any optional conditions for completion. As such, this is the only cheat that is unlocked by progressing through the storyline as normal.

Buns of SteelEdit

How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 2 with 100% total synchronization.


Invincibility – attacks will not damage Ezio Auditore da Firenze. However, Ezio will still flinch from damage, and the display will ripple if he receives fall damage.

Killing SpreeEdit

How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 3 with 100% total synchronization.


Any attacks made on guards will result in an execution kill.


How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 4 with 100% total synchronization.


All Assassin recruits are given a female skin and voice.

Ultimate GuildEdit

ACB-Cheat Ultimate Guild

All recruits raised to the rank of Assassin

How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 5 with 100% total synchronization.


Raises all Assassin recruits to the rank of Assassin.

Calling All AssassinsEdit

How to unlockEdit

Complete Sequence 6 with 100% total synchronization.


Assassin signals replenish instantly.


Calling Assassins still remains the same; no more than 6 Assassins can be called at one time. When an Assassin vanishes from the battle scene, the timer is instantly replenished.


  • The cheats concept is similar to that of the Animus Hacks featured in Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, as well as the Upgrades for Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines.
  • It is possible to ride a unicorn outside of a replay, even if the cheat is not available or active. This can be done by riding a unicorn with the cheat active, then returning to the current memory and calling for a horse with the Head button. By default, this summons the last horse (or unicorn) ridden.
  • A rare bug occurs when activating either of the "Sisterhood" or "Ultimate Guild", in that one or both of the cheats will be permanently activated outside of a memory replay. If this occurs with the latter cheat before at least 5 Assassin recruits obtain rank 10, it makes it impossible to acquire the "Raise 5 Assassins Recruits to Assassino Rank" guild challenge without some of them needing to be killed, as the Assassins created by the glitch would not be registered by the guild challenge.
  • When "Ride the Unicorn" is activated, some weapons may not always glow.


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