The Bureau is a panel of Rifaq (singular: Rafiq) who review, monitor, and improve all aspects of Featured and Good Articles, including article nominations.

They are considered Assassin's Creed Wiki Staff Personnel.


Roles of the Bureau

The following are duties of the Rifaq:

  1. Review all FA/GA nominations and either A) approve or B) reject them in a Bureau vote, based on the quality and adherence to status criteria of the article. All noms have to be approved by a quotum of at least 3 Rifaq, with no objections from a panel member. Noms can be rejected without a Bureau vote if removal of the nomination is requested by the original nominator.
  2. Strike unnecessary or irrelevant objections from the nomination page. Rifaq have the power to strike objections on the Articles Status nomination pages, provided the objection has been addressed and the original objector has been absent for at least a week after an "objection addressed" comment is left on the nom page. Additionally, objections can be struck by the Bureau (as well as by any admin) if they do not fall under one of the rules.
  3. Review and possibly remove status from an article. Rifaq also have the ability to strip an article of its status, but only with approval of at least 3 Rifaq and less than 2 opposed.
  4. Review and constructively critique articles brought to them by user request. The Rifaq will also accept article submissions of any kind, which will be reviewed for problems and mistakes. The submitter will then be notified with a list of problems needed to be changed. Please place any past noms you would like reviewed in the correspondent aimed status under "Revoke Status - Name of the article".

Members of the Bureau

Current Rafiq

± - Dai

Former Rifaq

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