How to become an Apprentice

Those who wish to join the Staff have a challenging road ahead of them, but with proper instruction, dedication, and patience, those who are worthy will succeed.


  1. Editors who wish to become Apprentices may sign up at this recruitment page to make an appointment (but not to sign up as an Apprentice) with a Staff member at the Official Assassin's Creed Wiki's IRC Channel for an interview. When signing up for an appointment, the user must specify what time the interview will be conducted, in order for the Staff to know what time they will be on. Once both are online, the Staff member will initiate the interview, which consists of three sets of questions, via Private Message. (Note: The interview must be taken over the IRC, so be sure to log in at the times specified, or it will not take place. For the number of chances allowed for missed interviews, see Point 3 below.)
    1. Before signing up, the user must accumulate a minimum of 250 edits, of which at least 200 must be mainspace edits, as well as three major edits. The major edits must be linked when the user signs up for an appointment.
    2. The three sets of questions will be based on three major aspects of the Wiki: Editing, Community, and Knowledge of the series.
    3. If the user fails to meet the Staff member at the set time, he or she can set another appointment at the desired Staff member's talk page. (Note: Only a total of three missed appointments can be accumulated. The user can no longer make an appointment after the initial missed three.)
  2. Once the user has concluded the interview, he or she can freely resume his or her activities at the Wiki, while the Staff convene and share logs of the interview, thus reaching a final verdict.
    1. If the user meets the Staff's standards: Then their name will be placed on the Apprentice Hall, where they may be chosen by a Mentor.
    2. If the user does not meet the Staff's standards: They are informed of the decision, and may or may not resume their Wiki activities, depending on the user's decision.


  1. While waiting for a Mentor to choose them, the Apprentice is permitted to work around the Wiki. The Mentors that have their name signed up at the Mentors List will check the Apprentice Hall for an Apprentice that matches their personal preference, and once they find one, they will remove the name from the Unassigned List.
  2. Once the Mentor has chosen their Apprentice, they will contact them either by talkpage or IRC to inform them of the decision. The user is then given the Apprentice templates that distinguish him or her from other editors.
  3. The user is now under the watch and guidance of his or her new Mentor. The Mentor will now teach their Apprentice in whatever way they see fit by giving them assignments, duties, or other tasks that help to ease the Apprentice into a Staff-like position.
  4. There are ten ranks for an Apprentice to progress through: Recluta (Recruit), Assistente (Assistant), Milite (Soldier), Discepolo (Disciple), Guerriero (Warrior), Mandatario (Agent), Operativo (Operative), Veterano (Veteran), Assassino (Assassin), and Maestro (Master).
  5. What happens to the Apprentice hereafter is up to the Mentor to decide.

Leap of Faith

  1. After ascending through the ten ranks of an Apprenticeship, the Mentor will give his or her final input on their Apprentice to the Dai. The Dai then contacts the rest of the Staff, and a decision is made regarding the future of the Apprentice.
    1. If the user has gained his or her Mentor's positive input: The user will go through the Voting Process to become a Staff member. The Apprentice is then evaluated by a jury of their peers, consisting of the Staff and fellow editors. If the user gains enough positive votes, he or she is made an official member of Staff, and is given their new privileges and responsibilities. If the opposite, then the Apprentice is given a specific userbox stating that they completed the Apprentice Program. Second chances are possible, though they must first be discussed with the Dai and other Staff, who will then specify the terms of agreement. These terms will vary greatly depending on each Apprentice's situation.
    2. If the user has gained his or her Mentor's negative input: The user will be given a userbox as a sign of recognition, and is permitted to continue his or her work around the wiki, depending on the user's decision. The user, after setting up an arrangement with the Staff, may reapply for the Apprenticeship.


Below is the recruitment section. Be sure to have read the above policies and each Apprentice page tab before signing up.

If ever confused as to how a sign-up request is performed, please use this as an example.

Concluded Interviews



Pending Interviews

The Forgotten Fragment

  • Hello, about a week ago I fulfilled the requirements for the apprenticeship application, and I have decided that signing up for an apprenticeship is the right choice. So far, my major edits would be creating the pages John Hancock, Sons of Liberty, and the vast majority of the States of the United States pages (such as Massachusetts, Vermont ect.). Currently I have played all of the major Assassin's Creed games (with the exception of Liberation), and also have watched all of the movies. With that being said, I am usually on the IRC between 7-10:00 pm EST on weekdays, and usually around from 9-11:00 pm EST on weekends. Thank you for your time- The Forgotten Fragment 9:11 PM, March 20 2013 (EST)
Interview completed by Nostalgia AC


  • Hello, I'd like to sign up for the Apprenticeship program. My major edits were the creation of the Turkey, the Cayman islands pages, and the rehabilitaion of the page of Perotto Calderon. I'm online in the IRC between 5-7 PM GMT+8 on weekdays and 12-5 PM GMT +8 on weekends. Thanks. AgentG23113:02, August 20, 2013 (UTC)
Interview completed by Amnestyyy


  • Hello, I realize it might be a little early given that I've only been here a month, but I'd like to sign up for the Apprenticeship Program, in the hopes of becoming a better editor. My major edits would be the creation of the Sharks, Mushrooms and Rémi Farjaud pages, though the first two are relatively small pages. I've also 'improved' (I don't know if I should call it a revamp) nearly all of the Multiplayer Map articles. In most cases that usually limited itself to a little blurb describing the map though, as well as adding galleries. I am a big fan of Assassin's Creed, I really enjoy learning so much through the series and hearing the different languages and accents; I have played all main iterations (and watched Embers), but nothing outside of that, so I guess my knowledge is a bit limited in that sense. I am usually online nearly every day, but the hours tend to vary, so I'd designate the afternoon (14.00 PM - 18.00 PM GMT+1) of this Thursday/Friday for the interview, if that is convenient for you. Thank you very much.Crookandcharlatan (talk) 16:55, September 2, 2013 (UTC)
Interview completed by Amnestyyy

Altaïr Skywalker 47

  • Hello, I'd like to become an Apprentice for becoming a better editor in the Assassin's Creed Wiki. My major contributions would be the creation of the pages that follows: Abenaki, Lenape and Lincoln's Battle Sword (Replica). I also have created three other pages (see my userpage). All of them are comparatively small but my only revamp was for Washington's Battle Sword (Replica) which was enhanced by a few more touch-ups. I am usually in the IRC on 16:00 (IST) to 16:30 (IST) and between 19:00 (IST) to 21:00 (IST). Since I am banned from #ACWiki, I can only be accessed by queries to my nick, 'Alty'. Thank you. Altaïr Skywalker 47Agency Laptop 13:11, September 3, 2013 (UTC)<s>
Disqualified due to IRC constraints


  • Hello, I came here to be recruited as an apprentice seeing potential as a better editor on the AC wiki. I have created the following pages: Spanish Navy, Portuguese Navy, James Bachman and Royal African Company. I've created more, so check out my contributions. My minor edits and new pages will make a huge difference. I don't know about the IRC, but i'll check it out! I've also made some blogs and added small touches to articles. MB543 (talk) 21:01, November 28, 2013 (UTC)MB543

Hey MB543, right now you have 128 mainspace edits and the requirement listed is 200. So, keep up the good work and get back to us after a few days. --70px-SigN1v.png (30px-SigT1v.png35px-SigG1v.png) 13:51, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

Now that you have reached the 200 main space edits, you can access the IRC channel for your interview. Nesty Contact me! 16:42, December 3, 2013 (UTC)<s>

Interview completed by Amnestyyy


  • Hello everyone. After having spent some time on the Wiki, I just happened to stumble upon this page and learn about the whole Apprenticeship Program. Even if the latest enrollment request seem to be from December 2013, I've decided nonetheless to apply. --Piero.schiavone1994 (talk) 23:04, January 31, 2017 (UTC)

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