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Assassin's Creed II is a game for the mobile platform developed by Gameloft and released alongside the main game in 2009.


The game follows the main version somewhat accurately, though various differences are also visible. Set in the Italian Renaissance, Assassin's Creed II follows the story of young Ezio Auditore da Firenze as he embarks on his mission. Ezio's family had been executed via a conspiracy by the Knights Templar, and after Ezio realises his bloodline traces to that of an ancient Assassin sect, he begins his journey to avenge his family and kill the conspirators responsible.

With the help of his friend, the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, Ezio starts to assassinate his targets, beginning from Uberto Alberti, the judge who sentenced his family to death. After making his escape, Ezio then proceeds to rescue Lorenzo de' Medici from captivity, in order to find out the location of his next target, Francesco de' Pazzi, and then from there to Emilio Barbarigo. Using Leonardo's Flying Machine, Ezio goes on to assassinate Carlo Grimaldi from overhead before making his way to Sylvio Barbarigo.

Finally, Ezio faces off against the man behind the plot to kill his family: Rodrigo Borgia, the Pope. After a long fight, Ezio finally overcomes him and takes the mysterious artifact he had held, the elusive Piece of Eden. To Ezio's surprise, however, a figure appears from the Piece of Eden with a message for someone referred to as "Desmond."


Assassin's Creed II spans nine levels, scattered throughout the three cities of Florence, Venice, and Forlì, including two sections in which Ezio uses the Flying Machine to either escape or attack. Throughout the game, Ezio can use various abilities and items, ranging from running, jumping, crawling, and hanging onto ledges, to attacking with his Hidden Blade, sword, arquebus, grappling hook, boomerang, or spears (which he can salvage from defeated guards). Unlike in its mobile predecessor, Ezio can now perform a variety of new moves, including assassinating from a hanging position, and using Courtesans to distract guards and targets.

Differences from main gameEdit

  • Many targets are assassinated in different situations than in the main console game. Carlo Grimaldi was assassinated via bombing his escaping ship using the Flying Machine, and the final sequence was located in Forlì instead of Rome. In the final battle, the Staff was also shown shooting fireballs, creating a shield, healing, dropping boulders and creating pillars of fire unlike in the main games.
  • Silvio Barbarigo's first name was spelled "Sylvio."
  • There was no mention of other Assassins during the game, nor was any ally named besides Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Ezio can use a boomerang and a grappling hook as part of his arsenal, both of which do not appear in the main console game.
  • Just before the final fight with Rodrigo Borgia, Ezio has a boss fight against a purple-clad, Courtesan-like woman. The unnamed woman never appears in the main game.
  • After the assassination of Uberto Alberti, a flying machine attacked Ezio with bombs as he escaped.
  • All of the assassination targets wore purple.
  • Lorenzo would still be tied up after Ezio had saved him.


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