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Assassin's Creed: Uprising is an on-going comic book series published by Titan Comics.

Announced as a relaunch of both Assassin's Creed: Assassins and Assassin's Creed: Templars as one book during the NYCC 2016, the comic is written by Dan Watters and Alex Paknadel and illustrated by José Holder with the first issue expected in February 2017.

The series will mark the end of the Phoenix Project storyline which began in Assassin's Creed: Unity.[1]

Press release

Kicking off in February, the series will follow the ongoing Phoenix Project storyline, and feature several characters from “Assassin’s Creed” lore, including Juhani Otso Berg, Galina Voronina, Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut, in addition to Charlotte de la Cruz and Black Cross from Titan’s current “Assassin's Creed” & “Templars” comics.

In the first arc, tensions are running high for both the Brotherhood and the Templar Order. A nefarious new world order is on the horizon and only a united team of Assassin’s have the knowledge and skill to save humanity from subjugation.[2]


Common Ground

01/02/2017 - Join us for this game-changing new chapter in the ongoing Assassin's Creed saga! With the Phoenix Project nearing its completion, tensions are running high for both the Brotherhood and the Templar Order. A new world order is on the horizon and only Charlotte and her new allies have the knowledge and skill to save humanity from subjugation. Meanwhile, after discovering a rebel faction within his order, Templar agent, Otso Berg begins to question his loyalties.

February 2017[3]: Hong Kong. Charlotte de La Cruz dives through the window of a skyscraper crashing to a van roof below, breaking her fall. A would be Assassin with a super heated blade leaps after her, narrowly missing her and stabbing through the roof of the van - to where Guernica Moneo hides below, assisting Charlotte on her mission. As Charlotte fends off the rogue Assassins from within the back, Guernica drives the van off at speed. A throwing star breaks the windshield, slicing off Guernica's fingers and hitting him in the face - the van then crashes on its side as he loses control. They both survive, but instead of interrogating a defeated Assassin, Charlotte elects to escape to a safe house and in turn save the wounded Guernica.

London, England. As youths perform parkour across the rooftops of the city, they come across a combat training session between the Assassins Galina Voronina and My'Shell Lemair, with the latter learning from the Master Assassin. Looking on are fellow Assassins Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut-Cunningham. They are interupted by a call from Charlotte, whom reports back on her mission. The building was believed to have been an abandoned Phoenix Project site, with the belief that Gramatica may have left behind clues as to his whereabouts. However, the site was not abandoned. It contained a boy, whom was seemingly protected by Assassins openly displaying the Brotherhood symbol. Charlotte explained that the boy spoke to her, stating he recognized her. With all of her team killed, only she and Guernica managed to escape with their lives. Who were these people?

Meanwhile, back in Hong Kong, Otso Berg and Violet Da Costa investigate the former Phoenix Project site. Otso remarks that he is confused as to why a small army of bodies appeared to be defending the site, much less Assassins. It was cleared out months ago to merely be an archive after all. He orders Violet to pay off the Police to leave the site as it is, and retires to his hotel room. Changing into his high tech Black Cross attire, he returns to the skyscraper to conduct an investigation of his own. He is assisted on this endeavour by Andre Bolden, who is acting as a tech support. Otso discovers both high tech Abstergo equipment, and Assassin weaponry on the same victims. Somehow, the two factions are conspiring...[4]

08/03/2017 - The infamous Black Cross shows up to investigate recent happenings at the Project Phoenix labs causing unease amongst the Templar Order. Meanwhile, Charlotte begins to question her allegiances.

2017: Abstergo Entertainment, Montreal, Canada. Otso Berg and Violet Da Costa further discuss the odd events that transpired within Hong Kong. Otso remains confused as to how Assassins evidently came across a greater equipped force in what amounted to an administrative location. Suddenly, both of their phones - along with everyone else's around them - displays the Black Cross icon.

At a nearby retreat, the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order is holding a meeting - with Alan Rikkin curiously absent. In full armour, the Black Cross approaches the building but is challenged by guards. Showing the Black Cross symbol on his phone, he is subsequently allowed to enter. Addressing the Sanctum directly, he advises them of his status and that the Order has been infiltrated by a fifth column. A seated Otso Berg then stands up to challenge the Black Cross, and is thrown across the room instead. Warning that they are all suspects, he promises to call upon them soon - and leaves by a smoke bomb.

Meanwhile back in London. My'Shell has been repairing an Animus, when Charlotte enters the room. They both elect to go a local public house, and get in some drinks. Charlotte questions why My'Shell wants to become an Assassin, citing the fact that she now looks at ordinary people around her and immediately can calculate multiple ways to kill them. The Bleeding Effect has turned her into a living weapon, but at what cost? She now wonders how much her ancestors may now be a part of her, and as such begins to question if her own life is just a simulation too - looking out for glitches in every day life.

Otso returns home, and welcomes the Black Cross into his apartment. Removing his mask, Andre Bolden is revealed within the suit. It had been a perfect ruse, to trick the Sanctum into believing that Berg and the Black Cross were entirely different people. Otso reveals that the goggles were from a division in Europe, and decides to head to Berlin to investigate further.

Outside of the Abstergo Berlin office, Heinrich Hart leaves work for the day. He is immediately intercepted by Galina, Arend and Kiyoshi whom are seeking answers over their losses in Hong Kong. He has been acting as an informant to the Brotherhood, but swears blind he knew nothing of what had lied in wait for them at the Hong Kong site. Demanding he find answers under duress, they leave him in an alleyway.

Shortly after, the Black Cross appears - also seeking answers from Hart. Bizarrely Hart discloses that they had left a breadcrumb trail for him to follow, and that it was about time he arrived. Unleashing a taser whip, Hart unleashes an attack throwing them both through windows of a building as they battle. As Hart reveals his true identity as an Instrument of the First Will, he pulls out a high explosive from his pocket. The Black Cross barely gets to the nearby window before the entire building explodes, and dives into the river below.[4]

19/04/2017 - While Charlotte encounters an unusual experience within the jury-rigged Animus, Arend and Kyoshi head to Abstergo HQ in search of answers... but find an ambush waiting for them!

2017: London. Charlotte and the Assassins review the media, where a large explosion in Berlin dominates the headlines. Kiyoshi argues that killing 170 people in public doesn't really fit with the Templar ideals, and suggests another faction might be in play. My'Shell reveals that she has a list of Pieces of Eden retrieved from the Hong Kong Abstergo lab, and pulls up an image of the Koh-i-noor. Charlotte realises that it is the 'mountain glimmer' Consus mentioned in his message to her. With My'Shell convinced that it is present in the Spanish Civil war, Charlotte straps herself into the makeshift Animus. The machine appears to malfunction, with Charlotte seemingly trapped inside a simulation and unable to be woken.

Having survived the blast in Berlin, Otso Berg returns to his hideout to find Andre waiting. Expressing frustration over the apparent fifth column that has infiltrated the Templar Order, Otso is advised by Andre to look for the blood of the situation - namely money. It must be being redirected somewhere...

Meanwhile, back in London, an injured Guernica returns to find the team surrounding the stricken Animus. He is shocked to learn that My'Shell has repaired the machine with unvetted Abstergo parts, and fears that the machine is now compromised. She makes her apologies and leaves, whilst Guernica informs the others that they will need the assistance of Felix Oladele - an Abstergo/Erudito plant based in Montreal whom is familiar with Animus extractions. Kiyoshi and Arend make the flight immediately to Canada, and using a cargo plane perform a halo jump on to the roof of Abstergo Montreal. After working through the few guards present, they reach the office of Oladele - only to find him already slain by a high tech Assassin, the same individual from Hong Kong. The 'Assassin' wounds them both with throwing knives, and throws Arend out the nearest window which he just manages to hang onto. After a few shots from Kiyoshi's gun, the 'Assassin' jumps from the window. Arend and Kiyoshi both make their way back out, both heavily injured. The only way that the 'Assassin' could know where they were headed is if they have a leak - either from the Animus... or one of their own within the Brotherhood.

Within the Animus, Charlotte is stranded. Stuck in a perpetual loading environment, she feels like she is losing track of time. She calls out to My'Shell hoping that she can hear her, but it is to no avail. Yet, even within this apparent emptiness, she becomes aware that she is in fact not alone. Someone approaches her...[4]

24/05/2017 - Series unites the worlds of the Templars and the Assassins! Illustrated by Assassin’s Creed storyboard artist Jose Holder. Written by Dan Watters (Limbo) and Alex Paknadel (Arcadia).

2017: Assassin hideout, London. Guernica watches over Charlotte whom remains in the Animus. He starts to talk of the world, observing how it is slowly sliding into chaos and that the end times have arrived. Remarking that only 'she' can save us, he puts a knife to Charlotte's throat. His hand is grabbed by Galina, who promptly throws him to the ground and breaks his fingers before torturing him to find whom he works for.

Meanwhile, in Geneva, Switzerland. My'Shell meets with a banker to discuss the accounts of Vetulus De Montanis Ltd. Apparently William Miles retains ownership, but has been receiving substantial cash deposits from a shipping subsidiary of Abstergo Industries. Seeking answers to this anomaly, the banker suggests she speak with Mr Berg whom is waiting just outside the office. Sure enough she is grabbed and taken at knife point by Berg to a side room. Berg demands to know why the money is going to the Assassins, to which she swears they do not even know about it. Berg concludes that she may not therefore actually be one of them after all. A drone watches the two of them, before Berg destroys it. Knocking My'Shell to the floor, he fights off assailants who suddenly appear. He manages to take down several, until he collapses from his wounds. He is slapped around by Jasdip Dhami, whom reveals himself as the high tech 'Assassin' of the fifth column. He warns Berg to stop pushing, or risk his daughter's life. The future and its vision belongs to 'she', and he throws Berg plummeting over a guard rail.

Back in London, the wounded Arend and Kiyoshi return to the hideout to find Galina torturing Guernica. Explaining why, Galina warns that it likely means that My'Shell is also lost to them. Charlotte remains in the Animus, but she relives a memory that is not her own...

Within a golden Isu city, Minerva, Juno and her father discuss the problem of humanity - the slave race that they created. Juno warns that they try to be like the Isu too much, and that they are a threat to be exterminated. Minerva argues back, saying that humanity is learning to sing and make art and that perhaps one day they can be treated as equals. Juno's father agrees, before he is stabbed through the head by a human servant. The human uprising begins, and filled with rage from her father's demise, Juno utilises the Koh-i-Noor to slaughter every human around them with a brilliant blue energy. Enraged she swears that they must deal with humanity by saving them from themselves. Following this revelation, Charlotte slowly emerges from the Animus, realising that Juno has been scanning her mind. She knows what Juno is planning, and states that they must warn the Templars.

In an undisclosed location, Violet and Jasdip argue over how Berg was treated, with Violet wishing that he had not been harmed so brutally. Jasdip argues that it is only Juno's will whom will see Eden reborn. At this moment Juno appears in an overhead monitor, stating that she has what she needed from Charlotte, and now knows that the Koh-i-Noor was last seen in Spain. Desmond's son is guided to a crowd of waiting Instruments, where Violet warns Juno that he is his father's son and may well betray them. Juno states not to worry, as he is just a cog in a machine, one that will turns mountains into idols.[4]

Inflection Point

05/07/2017 - An all-new story arc starts this issue! Giving fresh insights into characters from the vast Assassin’s Creed universe, including Juhani Otso Berg, Galina Voronina, Kiyoshi Takakura and Arend Schut. Writers Alex Paknadel (Arcadia, Doctor Who) and Dan Watters (Limbo, Dark Souls) return along with Assassin’s Creed storyboard artist José Holder!

2017: Assassin hideout, London. Charlotte confronts a bound Guernica, and offers to get him some water despite his attempt to kill her before. In the next room, Arend is on the phone to Abstergo tech support, trying to warn them very bluntly that they have a First Civilization entity amongst their systems. Unsurprisingly they hang up on him.

Whilst Kiyoshi and Charlotte berate Arend for his literal interpretation of warning the Templars, Galina returns to the hideout with supplies and clothes. Shortly after My'Shell stumbles through the door, carrying a wounded Otso Berg. Galina immediately springs her hidden blade and floors Berg with a flying kick to the face. After Galina is restrained by Charlotte, Berg offers a suggestion that they all get breakfast together.

After a lengthy discussion, he confesses that he came across the same financial movements between the Templars and Assassins, and that the mystery third faction really is playing them all for fools. With Abstergo compromised, he cannot even trust his own faction. Kiyoshi reveals that they believe Guernica to be a member of the faction, to which Berg responds that he knows Jasdip Dhami is another - and the face behind the high tech armor set. Galina states that Jasdip went dark after exploring for Gramatica in Australia, suggesting that may be where his secret lab is. Berg laughs the suggestion off as a nice try, and argues that whilst he cannot trust the Assassins - that is exactly the reason he needs their help. Charlotte interjects, and warns them all that Juno's plan for the Koh-i-noor is moving forwards and that they need to act together and fast. Old rivalries can wait. Berg realises that the Assassins know where the Koh-i-noor is.

They return to the hideout, and Charlotte straps herself into the Animus once more. She reveals to Berg that they believe the Piece of Eden is in Spain, within the 1930s Spanish Civil War. As she enters the simulation, My'Shell confronts Guernica. It is clear she never knew his true agenda, and was never a member of the secret faction to which he belongs. She leaves the room in disgust.

April 1937: Spain. Ignacio Cardona, an anarchist and follower of Buenaventura Durruti, he is also an Assassin and ancestor to Charlotte. He walks the countryside hills in heavy rain, heading towards Barcelona with fellow soldiers. They elect to set up camp as night falls, but are suddenly ambushed by gun fire. Ignacio runs out to meet the assailants only to find that they are Republicans too, and it was a simple case of mistaken identity by child soldiers.

2017: Berg laments that the Assassins are keeping him at arm's length whilst they scour their records for anything pertaining to 1930s Spain. He points out that the Templars have records for that period too, and after a brief philosophical discussion on the merits of the march of progress, they come across a photograph of Ignacio and his army unit. Standing next to him is a man that Berg recognises - Albert Bolden, the last Black Cross![4]

02/08/2017 - Second installment of the brand-new story arc in the critically acclaimed Uprising series.

May 1937: Barcelona, Spain. The Assassins Ignacio Cardona and Glaucia Acosta hide out amongst the war ruined buildings. They share cigarettes whilst they discuss why Glaucia cannot sleep, as it turns out she is haunted by a recent bombing raid at the northern town of Guernica. They are interrupted by a noise, at which point Glaucia lets loose several throwing knives at an unknown man in a trenchcoat. Wounded, the man runs to the rooftops with Glaucia in pursuit. She eventually catches up with the two of them coming crashing down through a broken roof. He reveals himself to be Nobby Clarke, an Assassin sent to them from the London Brotherhood.

Safely returned to their hideout, the Spanish Assassins grill Nobby as to why he is the only backup that was sent considering how desperate they are for help. Nobby reveals that he infamously eliminated an entire Templar branch in Tallinn the previous year, which instantly wins him the approval of the Spaniards.

2017: Charlotte desyncs from the Animus, and is violently sick. She seeks an explanation, as Kiyoshi laments that she entered the Animus too soon after Juno's attack. Charlotte feels that something forced her out of the Animus, and states that having Otso Berg watching her was not helping - and in turns asks him to leave the room. Kiyoshi escorts him upstairs, only to find Galina in the next room brutally interrogating Guernica once more. Charlotte reenters the Animus.

May 1937: Ignacio requests that the team train with Nobby on the rooftop to see his skills first hand. In the mean time he ventures out to try and find new weaponry, as their current ones are in a bad state of repair. He meets Eric Blair, an englishman and member of Poum - a Spanish Marxist party. They discuss the way that the class system has reintegrated itself in the city, and how the only items for sale are non-weapons, despite the civil war still raging. Eric has some black market contacts though, and promises to introduce Ignacio to them. Shortly after entering a shop, gunshots ring out and Ignacio takes to the rooftops.

Meanwhile, Nobby and the Spanish Assassins continue to spar on the roof of their hideout, while discussing the split between the anarchists and communists within the community. At this point Ignacio runs past the group, insisting they all follow. They reach a fevered gun battle between anarchists and communists, with the team torn as to who to help with a mind to whom of the two would able to ultimately stop the fascists. Nobby offers an alternative, telling Ignacio that he can make everyone stop - and pulls the Koh-i-Noor out of his pocket. Ignacio states that he feels it calling to him and touches the diamond. Immediately his eyes glow with a blue energy, and serpent like creatures of energy emerge from the Koh-I-Noor, encircling and wrapping themselves around everyone. With blood pouring from his eyes and nose, he finds the strength to drop the diamond and passes out. From a nearby rooftop, the Black Cross observes everything that has transpired.

2017: Charlotte begans chewing and biting her own tongue, with blood spraying onto the Animus. Arend is unsure what to do whilst she remains within the simulation, but warns My'Shell to remain back. My'Shell counters by saying he should let her through or that Charlotte will surely die.[4]

06/09/2017 - Giving fans fresh insights into characters from the vast Assassin's Creed universe, including Juhani Otso Berg, Galina Voronina, Kiyoshi Takakura, and Arend Schut.

2017: Otso Berg and Guernica play Jenga in a room separate from the others. They discuss the state of the world, with Guernica eventually revealing the name of Juno. Otso leaves him to retrieve a package containing a DNA sample, mailed over by Andre.

Charlotte is laid out on a sofa, with various medical supplies around her. She had almost suffered a brain hemorrhage, before My'Shell managed to remove her from the Animus. Determined to get straight back in, she is stopped by Galina. Otso reveals that he has fitted Helix components to their Animus, which will now allow them to access genetic memories besides their own. The DNA sample he just received was that of Albert Bolden - the last known Black Cross. With Charlotte too weak to continue, Otso sits in the chair and enters the simulation.

1927: Shanghai. A shot Black Cross falls from a building, a crate breaking his fall. He lays wounded, but lives.

1937: Spain. In a hideout, Albert Bolden tends to his wounds with Ignacio sitting on a bed nearby. Ignacio appears to have amnesia, and has apparently been told of how the Black Cross survived three times now - each time ending with him attacking and failing to kill Albert. Albert reveals that he had been tracking Nobby Clarke for months, and ultimately rescued Ignacio from being made a conduit to the Koh-I-Noor, as he clearly has Precursor blood.

Albert reveals that Nobby is actually a Templar known as Rufus Grosvenor, whom had originally approached him about the diamond back in China. Fearing it was under threat, Albert hid the diamond in a safebox in a Swiss bank and went into hiding for nine years. He eventually returned home with the diamond to find his family murdered by Grosvenor, with Albert then being knocked out and the diamond stolen. Seeking revenge, Albert states that Grosvenor will have likely convinced the other Assassins against Ignacio, but that he had likely laid a trap for the two of them. Grosvenor needs Ignacio to conduit the diamond, and knowing that the Black Cross and Ignacio would come, lies in wait for their arrival with the Koh-I-Noor in hand.[4]

18/10/2017 - Final installment of this story arc in the critically-acclaimed uprising series! Writers Alex Paknadel (Arcadia, Doctor Who) and Dan Watters (Limbo, Dark Souls) along with Assassin’s Creed storyboard artist Jose Holder!

1937: Albert and Ignacio approach Grosvenor's hideout, the latter signalling from a distance that he will only allow the two of them entry and not their company of followers. With little choice in the matter, the two get down from their horses and walk towards the building. They are immediately assailed by Ignacio's former teammates, whom are all now convinced that he has in fact been turned to the Templar cause by Albert. He desperately tries to convince them that 'Nobby' is in fact the one who is lying to them, but it falls on deaf ears. They are all convinced that the gem holds the power to saving the world, and that he needs to join with it. Ignacio argues that he feels the gem is not meant for him. Albert is forced to defend himself against the inevitable attacks, with Ignacio finding himself with a knife to his throat - that of Glaucia's. She speaks of how they were never supposed to know of the gods, but now they do she simply wants to serve them as an Instrument. Albert throws his Black Cross pin, striking Glaucia in the hand before she is knocked out by Ignacio's freed elbow. The two once more head towards the central building, a run down church.

Upon entering, Grosvenor begins speaking from the rafters. He cites that the world has turned to anarchy without the guidance of the gods, and stands over a pit of numerous dead bodies. The remaining former team members enter the church, leading Ignacio and Albert to have to surrender their guns. Grosvenor tells of how his master had followed Ignacio's bloodline, hoping for optimum conditions - but the fact that he was a male was a clear failing to controlling the gem. Nevertheless, he offers Ignacio the Koh-i-Noor in the hope that he may still try. Upon touching the gem, he summons creatures of energy once more - this time bulls - at which point they stampede into the walls of the church bringing it crashing down upon all of them.

After a time later, Albert digs through the rubble, and manages to extract Ignacio from the rubble. He reveals that he also saw Grosvenor and Glaucia escape, and suspects they fled to America. Albert assumed the Koh-i-Noor was destroyed, but Ignacio reveals that he created an illusion of its destruction - and that it yet remained, buried under all of the rubble. Swearing to remain its protector, Albert dedicates himself to watching over the site. But will first help Spain save their country. He also expresses concern about the situation over in Germany...

2017: Otso Berg emerges from the simulation. Stating that he knows where the gem is buried in Spain, he insists the Assassins get ready to travel. He mentions to look into Glaucia Acosta, as she likely went missing around the same time as the Swiss bank account was created in the 1930s. He calls Andre on his phone, as he is the only person he can trust with a secret location address that he will text him. He asks Andre to assemble a team and to watch over the site. Andre agrees to this, whilst Jasdip Dhami watches him from across the room.

Location: Redacted. Álvaro Gramática leans back in a chair, seemingly happy with the breakthroughs he is making with the Phoenix Project. He is disturbed by Violet Da Costa, whom he is surprised to see as no-one is supposed to know about the secret laboratory. She reveals that Otso was kind enough to text the address for them, and that they are there for Project Phoenix. Álvaro looks around to see the site is compromised by multiple Instruments, including Jasdip whom is clutching Andre, as well as a boy sage who happily waves to him with a smile.[4]

Collected editions


AC Apogee 1A

Assassin's Creed: Apogee

  • Before its eventual release as Uprising, the series was listed as both Assassin's Creed: Apogee and Assassin's Creed: Defiance. An apogee is the highest point, the climax, or culmination, of a development.