In Assassin's Creed: Rogue, several outfits are available to those who complete certain challenges or meet specific criteria, which are listed below. Once an outfit is unlocked and equipped, it will alter Shay Cormac's appearance. Shay could change his outfits in the cabin of the Morrigan, in his New York manor, or at any general store.

Special outfitsEdit

Assassin outfitEdit

A hooded Assassin coat worn by the members of the Brotherhood.

Interim outfitEdit

A well-maintained, no-nonsense coat.

Templar outfitEdit

A Templar uniform.

Explorer outfitEdit

A set of sturdy clothing for North American explorers.

Raider outfitEdit

The military uniform of a colonial raider.

Tracker outfitEdit

A coat used by Assassin trackers.

Sharpshooter outfitEdit

A light leather coat and wide-brimmed hat suited for sharpshooting.

Captain outfitEdit

A military uniform of a colonial captain.

Dark Assassin outfitEdit

A somber Assassin coat designed for stealth.

Versailles outfitEdit

Unlocked by completing the game.

A set of fashionable clothes for the Versailles court.

Native armourEdit

Unlocked by completing the Native Pillars quest.

Reduces damage from enemy melee attacks.

An elaborate armour inspired by North American Native design.

Templar 11th century armourEdit

Unlocked by completing the Templar Maps quest.

Reduces damage from firearms and projectiles.

A set of 11th century chainmail Templar armour.

Templar enforcerEdit

Unlocked by completing all Assassin Interceptions.

Gives better sight on nearby stalkers.

A Templar enforcer uniform.

Viking armourEdit

Unlocked by completing the Viking sword quest.

A set of leather and fur Viking armour.

Templar masterEdit

Unlocked by completing all Legendary battles.

A Templar master uniform.

Admiral outfitEdit

Unlocked by completing the Malacca fleet mission.

The military uniform of a colonial admiral.

Hunter outfitEdit

Must be crafted.

Gives inreased to stealth to animals.

A set of leather and fur clothes for a North American big game hunter.

Whaler outfitEdit

Must be crafted.

A set of clothes for a North Atlantic whaler.

Frontiersman outfitEdit

Must be crafted.

A set of clothes and a wide-brimmed hat of a typical North American frontiersman.

Arctic explorerEdit

Must be crafted.

A set of warm leather and fur clothes adapted to the Arctic Winter.

Assassin killer outfitEdit

Unlocked through Uplay for 20 points.

Gas mask is always on when this outfit is equipped.

A Templar coat designed for stealth and freedom of movement.

Officer outfitEdit

Included in the Officer Pack.

A military uniform of a colonial officer.

Commander outfitsEdit

Included in the Commander Pack.

A military uniform of a colonial commander

Templar stealth outfitEdit

Included in the Templar Pack and the Ultimate Hunter Pack.

A Templar uniform modified to facilitate stealthy movement.

Sir James Gunn's armourEdit

Unlocked by collecting all Templar artifacts of the lost fleet.

Sir James Gunn's Templar plate armour.

Legacy outfitsEdit

Altaïr's robesEdit

The Assassin robes worn by the legendary Altaïr.

Made available through the Animus.

Ezio's robesEdit

The Assassin robes favored by Ezio Auditore.

Provided through the Animus.

Connor's outfitEdit

The Assassin coat and pelts of Connor.

Made available through the Animus.

Edward's outfitEdit

The pirate outfit most favored by Edward Kenway.

Provided through the Animus.

Arno's outfitEdit

The hooded coat of the Assassin French Revolution hero, Arno Dorian.

Made available through the Animus.

Temporary outfitsEdit


Worn at the beginning of "The Color of Right".

Gang member outfitEdit

Worn during the memory "The Heist".

While this is equipped, all gang members will be Shay's allies though they will still push him around


  • Promotional images depict Shay's Templar outfit with a hood, however it is not present in the game.
  • The Colonial Raider outfit bears resemblance to the Rogers' Rangers army unit that was attached to the British Army during the Seven Years' War. This is further referenced by the 'RR' initials on the beret.
  • Despite the name and description, the Arctic explorer outfit does not provide immunity to freezing water.
  • The description of the Knight Templar outfit is anachronistic as the Knights Templar was formed in 1129 by Bernard de Clairevaux and Hugh de Paynes while the 11th century is still the First Crusade.
  • The Frontiersman outfit is identical to Christopher Gist's outfit. So is the Captain outfit to James Cook.
  • When wearing the Versailles outfit, Shay's hair is greying.



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