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For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Pirates.


Icon Name How to obtain Windows Points Google Play XP
ACPA-FirstPrize First prize Complete the Tutorial 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-OnMyWay On my way Complete A Legend is Born 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-PartOfTheGang Part of the gang Complete The Prince of Pirates 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-GettingRichAndGettingEven Getting rich and getting even Complete The Treasure Fleet 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheSavior The Savior Complete On the Hunt 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheFragmentsKeeper The Fragment's Keeper Complete The Whydah's Secret 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-CodeBreaker Code Breaker Complete The Pirate Republic 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheChaser The Chaser Complete the Devil's Mouth 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-FriendsAndFoes Friends and Foes Complete Among Pirates 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-ThePursuer The Pursuer Complete The Merchant King 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-ALegendsFarewell A Legend's Farewell Complete The Way Out 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-FreedomForAll Freedom for all Complete The Fort 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-DangerousPrize Dangerous prize Complete A Rich Bounty 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-SeaUrchin Sea Urchin Complete 5 secondary missions 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-SeaRover Sea Rover Complete 10 secondary missions 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-SeaWolf Sea Wolf Complete 50 secondary missions 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-SeaDragon Sea Dragon Complete 100 secondary missions 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-DailyBread Daily Bread Complete a daily mission 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-DailyGrind Daily Grind Complete 10 daily missions 10 G 500 XP
65px Completionist Complete 50 daily missions 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-MasterOfTheSeas Master of the Seas Destroy your first enemy ship 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TerrorOfTheSeas Terror of the Seas Destroy 200 enemy ships 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-CaptainBlood Captain Blood Destroy 1,000 enemy ships 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-Bully Bully Destroy 200 gunboats 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Mugger Destroy 200 schooners 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Brigand Brigand Destroy 200 brigs 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Destroyer Destroy 100 frigates 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-PlagueOfTheNavy Plague of the Navy Destroy 10 men o' war 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-GreedyPirate Greedy Pirate Plunder 50 merchant ships 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-AblePirate Able Pirate Plunder 200 merchant ships 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-PirateKing Pirate King Plunder 500 merchant ships 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-GhostShip Ghost Ship Dodge 100 enemy attacks 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-AmateurFisherman Amateur fisherman Catch your first fish 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Professional fisherman Catch 48 different fishes 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Fishaholic Collect 60 different fish 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Too many fish in the sea Catch 300 fishes 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-HookCollector Hook collector Purchase 6 different hooks 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-CaptainHook Captain Hook Purchase 9 different hooks 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-AbandonShip Abandon Ship Unlock the Wanderer 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-ShipsThatPassInTheNight Ships that pass in the night Unlock the HMS Drake 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Fire ship Unlock the Dragon 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TightShip Tight Ship Unlock the Jack Snipe 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Shipshape Shipshape Unlock the Citadel 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-JumpShip Jump Ship Unlock the Riptide 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-ShapeUpOrShapeOut Shape up or shape out Unlock the Brisk Fortune 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-ShipOff Ship Off Unlock the Fearless 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-LooseLipsSinkShips Loose lips sink ships Unlock the Untamed 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-ShipOfTheLine Ship of the line Unlock the Goliath 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-WhenMyShipComesIn When my ship comes in Unlock the Abyss 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-HellCruiser Hell Cruiser Unlock the Devil's Due 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-SwordOfTheOcean Sword of the Ocean Unlock the Emperor of the Seas 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-SailingInStyle Sailing in style Fully upgrade one ship 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheFleetBuilder The Fleet Builder Fully upgrade 3 ships 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-MasterOfTheFleet Master of the Fleet Fully upgrade 5 ships 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-JoinMe Join me! Recruit your first crew member 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheFamilyGrows The family grows Recruit 5 crew members 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-ThePatriach The Patriach Recruit 15 crew members 10 G 2,000 XP
65px Sail like the wind Use 500 boosts 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-BountyCall Bounty Call Find your first treasure 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-BountyLover Bounty lover Find 10 treasures 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-BountyHugger Bounty hugger Find 30 treasures 10 G 2,000 XP
65px Bounty killer Find 60 treasures 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-PotOfGold Pot of Gold Earn 50,000 gold coins 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-GoldDigger Gold digger Earn 150,000 gold coins 10 G 1,000 XP
65px The Golden Boy Earn 500,000 gold coins 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-AmazonHunt Amazon Hunt Destroy L'Amazone 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-SunkenPrincess Sunken Princess Destroy La Princesa do Céu 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-SlaverJäger Slaver jäger Destroy the Le Protée and L'Alexandre 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Triumph Destroy El Triunfo 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Dutch Buster Destroy the William Rex 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-HMSNightmare HMS Nightmare Destroy the Pembroke and the Ormonde 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-RoyalEnemy Royal Enemy Destroy the HMS Devonshire 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-NoMercy No Mercy Destroy the San Pedro 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-Fratricidal Fratricidal Destroy the Red Ruin 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TheKingExecutioner The King Executioner Destroy the Stalwart 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-Bucccaneer Buccaneer Reach Level 10 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Raider Raider Reach Level 15 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-BrotherOfTheCoast Brother of the Coast Reach Level 20 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-ConscientiousPirate Conscientious Pirate Play everyday for 5 days in a row 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-DedicatedPirate Dedicated Pirate Play everyday for 10 days in a row 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-Navigator The Navigator Reach 100% sync on Scorpion Reef 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Explorer The Explorer Reach 100% sync on Bahía de Guadiana 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Adventurer The Adventurer Reach 100% sync on Los Mártires 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Discoverer The Discoverer Reach 100% sync on La Habana 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-Seeker The Seeker Reach 100% sync on Grand Bahama 10 G 1,000 XP
65px The Pioneer Reach 100% sync on Nassau 10 G 1,000 XP
65px Vanguard Reach 100% sync on La Boca del Diablo 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheDaredevil The Daredevil Reach 100% sync on Mayaguana 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TheSearcher The Searcher Reach 100% sync on Harbor Island 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TheFortuneHunter The Fortune Hunter Reach 100% sync on Caicos Islands 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TheVenturur The Venturer Reach 100% sync on Cozumel 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-Swashbuckler The Swashbuckler Reach 100% sync on Isla de la Juventud 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-TheVoyager The Voyager Reach 100% sync on Arctic Seas 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-Iceman Iceman Reach 100% sync on Ice Field 10 G 500 XP
ACPA-DeiliveryBoy Delivery Boy Deliver your first mysterious package 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-MessageInABottle Message in a bottle Find a lost file 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-DoYouWantToKnowMore Do you want to know more? Collect a complete set of lost files 10 G 1,000 XP
ACPA-TheTruth The Truth Collect all sets of lost files 10 G 2,000 XP
ACPA-ThePirateRun The Pirate Run Find all the Mayan treasures 10 G 500 XP


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