Assassin's Creed: Origins downloadable content refers to content released separately from Assassin's Creed: Origins and implemented into the game at a later date. The following is a list of all additional content available for the game.

Downloadable content packsEdit

Limited edition contentEdit

The following content can be partially unlocked via special editions of Assassin's Creed: Origins, or by various pre-order packs (Mercenary Pack, Tribal Pack).


  • Ambush at Sea
  • Secrets of the First Pyramids


  • Desert Cobra outfit


  • Calamity Blade (Season Pass exclusive)
  • Espasa Sword
  • Eye of Apep Staff
  • Fang Sickle Sword
  • Ritual Scepter
  • Skull-Breaker
  • Swift Branch Bow


  • Auxiliary Shield
  • Legendary Snake Shield
  • Savannah Shield


  • Fangs Horse
  • Mut Herti Horse

Ubisoft Club contentEdit

  • Sycamore (30U) - Unlock Sycamore for Bayek. Carved from a giant Sycamore tree, this weapon is as hard as it gets.

Season PassEdit

A Season Pass is also available for the game, granting exclusive access to the Calamity Blade weapon. Accompanying this, the pass is cheaper than buying all downloadable content packs separately.

Reference Edit

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