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In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Kassandra can alter her appearance by donning various outfits (called gear sets). Although they have stats and special bonuses, Assassin and Hunter armor at lvl 50 is capped at 4024 total, while Warrior armor is capped at 4427.

Gear sets

Agamemnon Set

Acquired from completing The Silver Vein quest. Contains;

  • Agamemnon's Helmet
  • Agamemnon's Gauntlets
  • Agamemnon's Body Armor
  • Agamemnon's Waistband
  • Boots of Agamemnon

Amazon Set

Acquired from completing The Heroes of the Cult quest. Contains;

  • Amazonian's Circlet
  • Amazon Bracers
  • Amazonian Outfit
  • Amazon's Tassets
  • Amazon's Greaves

Artemis Set

Acquired from completing the Goddess of the Hunt quest. Contains;

  • Master's Artemis Hood
  • Master's Artemis Gloves
  • Master's Artemis Outfit
  • Master's Artemis Belt
  • Master's Artemis Treads

Athenian War Hero Set

Acquired from completing The Delian League quest. Contains;

  • Athenian War Hero Helmet
  • Athenian War Hero Gauntlets
  • Athenian War Hero Armor
  • Athenian War Hero Belt
  • Athenian War Hero Boots

Demigod Set

Acquired from defeating Deimos and Aspasia. Contains;

  • Aspasia's Circlet
  • Demigod's Bracers
  • Demigod's Chestplate
  • Demigod's Belt
  • Demigod's Boots

Greek Heroes Set

Various pieces are random loot from mercenaries. Contains;

  • Perseus Helmet
  • Bracers of Theseus
  • Jason's Golden Fleece
  • Hippolyta's Belt
  • Atalanta Sandals

Immortal Set

Acquired from completing The Worshippers of the Bloodline quest. Contain;

  • Helmet of the Immortal
  • Gauntlets of the Immortal
  • Armor of the Immortal
  • Waistband of the Immortal
  • Boots of the Immortal

Pirate Set

Acquired from completing The Gods of the Aegean Sea quest. Contains;

  • Pirate Hood
  • Pirate Gauntlets
  • Pirate Armor
  • Pirate Waistband
  • Pirate Treads

Snake Set

Acquired from completing The Eyes of Kosmos quest. Contains;

  • Viper's Hood
  • Venom Gloves
  • Scaled Torso
  • Slithering Belt
  • Noxious Boots

Spartan War Hero Set

Acquired from completing The Peloponnesian League quest. Contains;

  • Spartan War Hero Helmet
  • Spartan War Hero Gauntlets
  • Spartan War Hero Armor
  • Spartan War Hero Belt
  • Spartan War Hero Boots