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Assassin's Creed: Memories is a role-playing trading card game, developed exclusively for the iOS. The servers were closed on 13 March 2015.


"Assassin's Creed: Memories blends card battle, RPG, and strategy gameplay. Chase down your targets throughout history and assert your dominance over rival guilds. Equip your character with the most powerful gear and recruit history's deadliest Assassins and Templars to be your allies!"


Navigating through maps customized according to the era of the mission, the player must use their energy on the five points of interest in each map, in order to randomly find gold, Animus Transfers, AP points, ally missions or side missions. After a random count of maps, the player will find the target of their mission and has a chance of obtaining their target's card.

Third CrusadeEdit

Memories of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad

Mongol EmpireEdit

Memories of Qulan Gal and Nergüi

Renaissance ItalyEdit

Memories of Ezio Auditore da Firenze

Sengoku PeriodEdit

Memories of Hattori Hanzō and Yamauchi Taka

Golden Age of PiracyEdit

Memories of Edward Kenway

Colonial AmericaEdit

Memories of Ratonhnhaké:ton

Raid EventsEdit

During one week, Memories offers the player a mission that combines the solo and multiplayer aspects of the game. During the Raid, the player has to visit maps similar to the maps of the solo missions, where they can find gold, Animus Transfers, Raid AP points, side missions and sometimes groups of opponents. These groups of five opponents must be defeated alone or with the help of a maximum of four members of the player's guild, each group being stronger than the last. Eventually, defeating more groups, the Assassin controlled by the player has to find the target of the Raid Event.

Mongol EmpireEdit

Empire of the Great Khan - Assassin: Qulan Gal; Target: Genghis Khan (14 October - 23 October 2014)

Sengoku PeriodEdit

Last Days of the Taikō - Assassin: Yamauchi Taka; Target: Toyotomi Hideyoshi (19 November - 28 November 2014)

Cards rarityEdit

All cards in Memories follow a hierarchy-based allocation. Common (C) are the most prolific type of cards, followed by Rare (R), Super-Rare (SR), and finally Ultra-Rare (UR) as the hardest to obtain.

Unlike further tiers of cards, Common cards have no mergeability. Rare cards can be merged once, with Super-Rare being mergeable twice, and finally Ultra-Rare with three. Each merge that a card receives improves its combat proficiency and added effect, but a Melee-based card cannot be merged with a Ranged-based card and vice-versa.

In the event of obtaining a card from a memory sequence, the following chance of capture is employed:

  • Common – 80% chance
  • Rare – 20% chance
  • Super-Rare – 10% chance
  • Ultra-Rare – 5% chance



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