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For the achievements of other Assassin's Creed games, see Achievements.

The following are the achievements that can be earned in Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles.


Icon Name How to obtain Points
ACAC First Blood First Blood Kill 1 enemy 10 G
ACAC Assassins Instinct Assassin's Instinct Kill an enemy instantly using a Finger Blade 10 G
ACAC Berserker Berserker Kill all enemies in level 1 10 G
ACAC Apprentice Apprentice Assassin Complete Memory block 1 10 G
ACAC Light Steps Light Steps Perform triple jump 10 G
ACAC Weapon Master Weapon Master Sword maximum upgrade 10 G
ACAC Combo Addict Combo Addict Perform all combos 10 G
ACAC Acrobatics Acrobatics Complete Memory block 2 10 G
ACAC Underground Walker Underground Walker Complete Memory block 3 10 G
ACAC Trouble Maker Trouble Maker Complete Memory block 4 10 G
ACAC The Survival The Survival Complete Memory block 7 10 G
ACAC Crusaders Nightmare Crusaders Nightmare Complete Memory block 9 10 G
ACAC Shadow Dancer Shadow Dancer Complete Memory block 12 10 G
ACAC Assassins Chronicle Assassins Chronicle Complete the game 10 G
ACAC Explosion Master Explosion Master Kill 5 enemies using an explosive bomb 15 G
ACAC Dagger Master Dagger Master Kill 5 enemies by throwing daggers 10 G
ACAC Wraiths Finger Wraiths Finger Kill 5 enemies using a Finger Blade 10 G
ACAC Sniper Sniper Kill 5 enemies using a Crossbow 10 G
ACAC Combat Genius Combat Genius Complete level 13 without losing any hit points 15 G


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