This article is about Mrs. Ashton. You may be looking for John Ashton.

Mrs. Ashton was a British citizen living in London in the mid-nineteenth century.


Living in the City of London, Mrs. Ashton was married to industrialist John Ashton, one of the most hated men in London. At some point in 1868, Mrs. Ashton learned of her husband's affair with Mary. Due to his connections with the clergy, divorce was not an option, and thus she resolved to murder.

One day, when delivering her husband their household accounts, as well as an invitation to a knighting ceremony, Mrs. Ashton stabbed her husband with the knitting needle she used to tie up her hair. While, coincidentally, she had chosen a day on which several others also made attempts on Ashton's life, the stab wound from the knitting needle turned out to be the lethal attempt.

The Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye deduced the truth by eliminating all the other suspects, and eventually confronted Mrs. Ashton with the evidence. She immediately confessed to the murder, claiming that the entire city would thank her for it. Following her confession, she was taken away by the Metropolitan Police Service.