Ascanio Sforza (3 March 1455 – 28 May 1505) was an Italian cardinal and diplomat. His father was Francesco I Sforza, Duke of Milan; among his siblings were Francesco's heirs as Dukes, Galeazzo Maria and Ludovico. He was also the former vice-chancellor of the Curia, and uncle of the countess of Forlì, Caterina Sforza.

During the Papal conclave of 1492, Rodrigo Borgia bribed Ascanio to back down from candidacy by offering "four mule-loads of silver."[1]

During the liberation of Rome, he visited the city trying to wheedle his way back into papal favor. During one of his visits to Rome, he went to the Rosa in Fiore where he had a brief conversation with its madame, Claudia Auditore.[2]