Armour and Sword was a virtual representation of one of Shay Cormac's genetic memories stored in the Helix, relived by a research analyst through the Animus.


Having rescued Colonel Monro, Shay met with his Templar allies, who informed him of Kesegowaase's next attack and their plan to combat it.


Shay joined Jack Weeks and Colonel Monro at the edge of Old Growth Forest.

  • Shay: So Colonel... It seems my life is an open book to you.
  • Monro: Men from my regiment found you delirious and half-drowned. I did not know who you were, but WHAT you were was obvious. I brought you to the Finnegans for care. Their late son was one of our Order.
  • Weeks: Master Johnson was furious!
  • Monro: It was a risk, but I suspected you might have left your brothers behind.
  • Shay: Colonel... The Manuscript. Why return it to me?
  • Monro: Because, Master Cormac, you earned my trust. It could not be in better hands.
  • Shay: Respectfully, sir... I'm more of a target than you now.
  • Weeks: Gentlemen? Kesegowaase is rallying to storm Albany. His allies threaten a friendly Oneida village, and French troops have already entered our territory.
  • Shay: I might be able to delay the French and help the Oneida.
  • Monro: We will ready the defenses in Albany.

With his task in mind, Shay headed back to the Morrigan.

  • Shay: If we are to defeat Kesegowaase and his allies, I need to help the Oneida... and see what I can do about the French.
  • Soldier 1: Report, soldier.
  • Soldier 2: No hostiles in the area, sir.
  • Soldier 1: Good, don't let your guard down.
  • Man 1: How much lumber do we have to build defenses?
  • Soldier 3: Hardly a bean's worth.
  • Soldier 4: Johnson stockpiled powder and shot here.
  • Soldier 5: Bless him!

Shay took the ship's wheel and set a course for the Oneida village.

Armour And Sword 5

Shay sailing for Orenda

  • Gist: So, not to pry, but would you happen to know if Kesegowaase has any weaknesses?
  • Shay: He hasn't any. He was a scout and mercenary long before he joined the Assassins.
  • Gist: May Lady Luck be with you, then.
  • Shay: I make my own luck.
  • Gist: The Colonel exerts a certain amount of control over the army, or part of it anyway. But we'll need both the soldiers and their native allies if we're to set up a proper defense against Kesegowaase.
  • Shay: Kesegowaase has allies in every tribe that sided with the French, as well as many others: trappers, hunters, scouts... We'll need all the help we can muster.

The pair reached Orenda, with Shay going ashore to help the Oneida, who were being held hostage by Kesegowaase's men.

  • Kesegowaase's men: Stay alert, men.
    What's in the cave?
    How do I get into that cave?
    Make sure you find them all!
    Look out for strays!
    We'll teach you to help the Redcoats.
    So long as we hold the old woman hostage, these Oneida will not help the English.

Shay freed the villagers, following which the clan mother approached him.

Armour And Sword 9

Shay meeting with Onatah

  • Shay: Venerable one. My name is Shay Patrick Cormac. I... I am a friend.
  • Onatah: A friend indeed. You have the gratitude of my people, Shay Patrick Cormac. For as long as you shall walk this earth, you will have a place here, among us.
  • Shay: My thanks.
  • Onatah: It is I who thank you, young man. Would you be so kind as to walk with me?
    I am called Onatah. There is a legend among my people. It tells of how the land under our feet was born, and how good and evil came into this world. The Sky Woman scattered her wisdom throughout our land. If you follow her path, you shall learn the true history of our people... and perhaps even uncover the reward locked within this cave... If you are the hero I believe you to be.
  • Shay: You honor me, venerable one.
  • Onatah: It is you who honor us, Shay Patrick Cormac. Farewell.

Shay examined the mechanism blocking access to the armor, before returning to the Morrigan. He subsequently traveled to Otetiani, where he helped the British overcome the French troops.


To gain support and sabotage Kesegowaase's plans, Shay saved the Oneida villagers and helped Monro's troops. He also learned of the Native armor and the cave paintings.