ACO Aristo

Aristo of Alexandria

Aristo of Alexandria was a Greek philosopher during the 1st century BCE, living in Alexandria with his wife Callista.


Aristo was a well-known philosopher, known for writing a book on the Nile that he spent years on. He was also a close friend of Phanos the Younger and a rival of Eudoros, whom he often clashed with on their work. At some point in 48 BCE, Phanos sent a message to Aristo, warning him that Eudoros was attempting to claim his work on the book as his and charge him with plagiarism. Phanos failed to warn Aristo in time as he was arrested and jailed by the phylakes on the accounts of plagiarism.[1]

Aristo's wife Callista sought the Medjay, Bayek's help to freeing her husband, which he succeeded and brought him to the port to prepare their escape. Aristo thanked the Medjay for his help before fleeing from the city with his wife to Crete.[1]


  • The name Aristo is Greek in origin, meaning "best".