Arcadia was a region in ancient Greece during the 6th century BCE. Kyros of Zarax once visited the region, which was ruled by King Iasus at that time.


Kyros of Zarax traveled to Arcadia after hearing tales about its princess, Atalanta, that would marry the first man who would beat her in a race, but whose opponents would be executed if they failed. However, Kyros knew very well that he was no longer the athlete he had been, and so he asked his mentor Pythagoras for help. Pythagoras directed Kyros to an ancient temple dedicated to Aphrodite, where Kyros eventually found an Apple of Eden.

Kyros then traveled to Arcadia and met King Iasus, who seemed to approve of him and his daughter getting married, as Kyros had been a famous athlete. Atalanta and Kyros then raced each other the following day, and with the help of the Apple, Kyros managed to defeat Atalanta and receive her hand in marriage.