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Apothecary Edit


Store Front Apothecary in Monteriggioni


Apothecary Stand in Florence

An apothecary is a shop that a doctor cures and sells medicine to patients. The doctors in the apothecary usually dress like a plague doctor. They would heal a patient directly for 50 florins. And they sell bottled medicine for 75 florins a bottle. An Assassin could buy 5 bottle of medicine at once. But wen they have pouches. They could fit 10 bottles of medicine or more at a time. In Florence doctors often operate apothecaries that is actually more like a stand. However, the doctor in Monteriggioni operates an actual shop, a real Apothecary. But the player could not access the door to the apothecary and the doctor stands near the window of the apothecary and sells medicine to patients. A desk and shelves of medicine could be seen in the apothecary.

Notes Edit

The quotes of a doctor inside an apothecary

Air Faloon

Come friends, Ive got fresh leeches today.

Do you require a medical assistant.

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