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Apollodorus the Sicilian (c. 90s BCE – 47 BCE) was a loyal follower and friend to the last Ptolemaic Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra VII. He was also an ally of and handler for Medjay Bayek of Siwa, during the latter's time serving Cleopatra.

Later Greek historians relate how Apollodorus supposedly wrapped Cleopatra in a carpet and sneaked her up in the Royal Palace in Alexandria during the summer of 48 BCE, so she could use her charm and beauty to win over the Roman general Julius Caesar to her cause against her brother Ptolemy XIII. [citation needed]

Around 48 BCE, Apollodorus allied himself with the Bayek to investigate the mysterious Order of the Ancients and to eradicate its members.


Apollodorus was ambushed by Flavius' men in the Tomb of Alexander the Great. Although Bayek and Aya came to his rescue it was too late and he succumbed to his wounds. Before dying he told them that Flavius took the orb and had gone to Siwa to finish what they started two years ago.