Anne Roberts was a British citizen who lived in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

After their father's death prior to 1868, her brother Howard inherited nearly his entire fortune, part of which was kept in a secret bank account. Having gained possession of the details of this account, Anne only needed her brother's signature to access the money and gain it for herself.

Howard started attending séances kept by Thaddeus the Great, hoping to learn the account information from his deceased father. Anne, being aware of Thaddeus' status as a swindler, bribed him to get her the signature instead. When progress on that endeavor was not fast enough, she sent him a threatening note.

At some point, Anne learned of Thaddeus' past activities, having outed several of his schemes in different cities. Fearing her own scheme from being revealed, she contacted Douglas and provided him with the information she had gained. She told him to take care of the matter, urging Douglas to murder Thaddeus during one of his séances.

Jacob or Evie Frye interrogated Anne during the investigation into the murder, revealing her scheme to Howard once they learned of its details, and apprehending Douglas as the murderer.