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Rackham: "Dear lady, what do they call you?"
Anne: "Anne when they're sober, a jilt when they're sauced. But never lady."
―Anne Bonny meeting Jack Rackham, 1718.[src]
Anne Bonny
AC4 Anne Bonny render
Biographical information

8 March 1702
Kinsale, Kingdom of Ireland



Political information

Pirate Republic
Crew of the Jackdaw

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
Black Flag novel
Assassin's Creed: Memories

Voice actor

Sarah Greene

Anne Bonny (1702 – 1743) was an Irish pirate who operated out of the Caribbean. During the early 18th century, she was an associate of Edward Kenway prior to his life as an Assassin, and the second quartermaster aboard his ship, the Jackdaw.[2]


Early life

Anne left Ireland for the British Colonies at an early age, where she married her husband, Jack Bonny, soon after. At sixteen, she traveled with him to the West Indies, and the pair arrived in Nassau in April 1716. There, Anne became the center of romantic attention, which greatly strained their relationship, so much so that within a year their marriage had disintegrated.[2]

Piracy and imprisonment

As early as 1717, Bonny served as barkeep at the Old Avery tavern in Nassau, frequented by Edward Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold, Jack Rackham, Charles Vane and Edward Kenway. In July 1718, Rackham flirtatiously passed Bonny her first flintlock pistol, just as British forces arrived in Nassau. By early 1719, the two had begun a relationship that infuriated her estranged husband, who attempted to have her arrested and whipped. Rackham and Bonny eventually eloped, and sought to leave Nassau to escape his wrath.[2]

At the same time, Mary Read - whose masculine guise Anne readily saw through - recruited Bonny to a life of piracy. Departing Nassau around June 1719 together with Rackham, they committed acts of piracy against the British Royal Navy.[2]

In October of 1719, Jack Rackham and his crew, including Bonny, were attacked by a British sloop commissioned by the Governor of Jamaica, with the intent to take out Rackham. Being that most of the crew were drunk, many of the pirates provided little resistance. Only Bonny, Read and an unknown man fought to their full potential.[2]

Eventually, the crew was imprisoned and sentenced to be hanged. Bonny and Read were only spared because they were pregnant at the time, since British law forbid pregnant women from being executed. They were then confined to a prison in Kingston, awaiting hanging when they came to term.[2]

As Bonny went into labor, she and Read were rescued by Edward and Ah Tabai, who intended to transport them to Tulum. However, Read passed away from sickness following the birth of her child; Bonny soon gave birth to a boy and reached Tulum safely, but her son died soon after.[2]

Quartermaster of the Jackdaw

Following Adéwalé's departure to join the Assassins, Bonny became Edward's quartermaster aboard the Jackdaw. She stood by his side as he hunted down Bartholomew Roberts, as well as the Templars Woodes Rogers and Laureano de Torres y Ayala.[2]

A Governor No Longer 9

Anne assuming the position of Jackdaw's quartermaster

When the Jackdaw arrived in Kingston, Edward and Bonny met with the Assassin bureau leader, Antó, who reported that Rogers was hosting a party before his recall to London for falling out of favor with the king. Anne remarked that the king must have been displeased that Rogers hadn't fully purged the Caribbean of pirates. She remained at the bureau while Edward killed and impersonated a visiting Italian diplomat in order to assassinate Rogers.[2]

After discerning Roberts' location in Príncipe, Edward and his crew pursued Roberts' ship, the Royal Fortune. Though Bonny suggested they simply sink the galleon, Edward refused, as Roberts possessed a valuable artifact. He instead crippled the ship before boarding and assassinating Roberts.[2]

Bonny and Edward then returned to Havana to find Torres. Anne stayed at the local bureau while Edward tracked down his final target, only to return to report that the man he assassinated was a decoy. Deducing that Torres was headed for the Observatory, Edward decided to head there. Upon arriving, Bonny questioned why Edward would bring the Crystal Skull that Torres sought directly to him – Edward answered that he intended to taunt the Grand Master with it.[2]

Edward and Bonny then swam ashore and made their way through the jungle, freeing captive native guardians before arriving at the Observatory's entrance. Edward instructed Bonny to remain outside and guard the entrance, as well as protect the Crystal Skull, while he ventured inside to end Torres.

Once the task was done, Bonny accompanied Ah Tabai and Adéwalé into the complex, where the Crystal Skull was reinserted into its rightful place. Edward was subsequently given a letter by Ah Tabai informing him that his wife Caroline had passed away and that he had a daughter, Jennifer Scott.[2]

At the Great Inagua

"England's the wrong way 'round the globe for an Irishwoman."
―Bonny, refusing Edward's offer to travel with him.
The End 4

Edward and Anne in Great Inagua

Bonny and Edward then returned to Great Inagua, where they awaited Jennifer's arrival. Edward invited Bonny to return to London with him, but she refused the offer, also claiming she didn't possess the conviction to remain with the Assassins. However, Bonny told Edward that she considered him a good man and felt he could prove himself a good father in time as well.[2]

As Edward ventured down to the docks to greet his daughter, Bonny began to sing "The Parting Glass".[2]


  • Originally, Edward was meant to witness and participate in Anne Bonny and Mary Read's battle against the British, ending with their imprisonment, but this idea was dropped during the early stages of development. [3]
  • The database notes that historically, Anne was believed to have been freed from prison after her father paid off the governor, and taken to the British colonies in North America, where she died in 1782. However, the footage recorded by Abstergo Entertainment throws this assumption into question.



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