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Animus Hacks were unlockable cheats in Assassin's Creed II: Discovery, which were rewarded to Desmond Miles once he had achieved high Animus synchronization in certain memories. However, they could only be used in memories that had already been completed as Ezio Auditore. Animus Hacks returned in Assassin's Creed III as pivots that were discovered by the player.

Despite only appearing in Assassin's Creed II: Discovery and Assassin's Creed III, similar cheats were unlockable in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed: Revelations by fully synchronizing DNA sequences. In the multiplayer portion of Revelations, hacks were unlockable via kill streaks and loss streaks.

Animus Hacks in Assassin's Creed II: DiscoveryEdit

Faster synchronization regeneration
  • Requirement: 300 points
  • Hack: Allowed Desmond to regain lost Animus synchronization with Ezio, much faster than the normal rate which Ezio's health would be regained.
Antonio de Magianis disguise
  • Requirement: 600 points
  • Hack: Allowed the Animus to swap out Ezio's "skin" for that of Antonio de Magianis.
No radar mode
  • Requirement: 900 points
  • Hack: Enabled Desmond to play through sequences with no radar or map to aid him, which proved troublesome in stealth missions.
Fast wall climb
  • Requirement: 1,300 points
  • Hack: Allowed Ezio a faster wall climbing ability, which highly increased the speed of scaling walls.
Spanish Assassin disguise
  • Requirement: 1,700 points
  • Hack: Allowed the Animus to swap out Ezio's "skin" for that of a generic Spanish Assassin.
Hard mode
  • Requirement: 2,100 points
  • Hack: Allowed Desmond to lose more synchronization than normal whenever Ezio took damage.
Unlimited throwing knives
  • Requirement: 2,500 points
  • Hack: Granted Ezio an infinite amount of throwing knives.
Raphael Sanchez disguise
  • Requirement: 2,900 points
  • Hack: Allowed the Animus to swap out Ezio's "skin" for that of Raphael Sanchez.
Ted mode
  • Requirement: 3,300 points
  • Hack: Turned all generic guards and soldiers into Brutes, along with removing the map and radar.
Guard Captain disguise
  • Requirement: 3,800 points
  • Hack: Allowed the Animus to swap out Ezio's "skin" for that of a Guard Captain. However, this hack had no impact on the game mechanics and social stealth.
Super stealth
  • Requirement: 4,300 points
  • Hack: Allowed Ezio to never be detected by guards by any means necessary.


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