Angus Wolf was a British citizen, working and living in London in the mid-nineteenth century.

In 1868, Wolf and his steward Sam boarded the 616 train to Wales. They had received word that Matthew Killian would be aboard the train, headed for an important business meeting that could ruin Wolf. Finding Killian in the restaurant carriage, Wolf bought him several drinks, hoping to get Killian too inebriated for him to be able to attend next day's meeting.

However, Wolf started feeling unusually sleepy after his first glass, and retired to his sleeping carriage while Killian went with Vivian. The following night, Wolf, his steward, and all the other passengers of the 616 train were interrogated by one of the Frye twins, who was investigating the murder of Matthew Killian.

Both Wolf and his steward were cleared of suspicion once the Assassin apprehended Peter Jespers, a former employee of Killian, who had confessed to the murder.