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Angela Carillo was an Assassin of the Spanish Brotherhood during the Renaissance.


Born during the Renaissance, Angela Carillo was a young courtesan who worked in a renowned brothel in Seville called La Reina Sonriente, or the Smiling Queen.[1]

The Smiling Queen was owned and operated by the Spanish Thieves' Guild and attracted many rich and powerful patrons.[1]

One of the most desired women in the establishment, Angela's popularity was second only to Flora de la Cruz, her best friend. A clever girl known for her humor and skill as a cunning conversationalist, it was said that Angela could bring a smile to a dead man's face. Many of the Smiling Queen patrons gave up every secret they had for just one more moment with her.[1]

Through their connection with the Thieves' Guild,, the Assassins approached Angela and asked her to lend her talents to their cause. The Inquisition soldiers' constant pressure and abuse of the courtesans of Seville convinced her to accept the Brotherhood's invitation.[1]