An Artful Plan was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob or Evie was tasked by John Hammon to aid his plan to marry Bella Wilton.


  • Hammon: I say! I have need of your help again!
    Cupid and I require your services!
    There is work to be done in the name of true romance!

Jacob or Evie met with John Hammon, then drove a carriage to Lambeth.

  • Hammon: You remember that young lady I was engaged to marry? Before I feigned my death so that I could see what sort of woman she was? Well, I have good news! I'm now in love with her and want to marry her after all! And I need you to help! I have a rather artful plan. You, playing the part of a ruffian, will kidnap her. then you must bring her to where I am waiting. I shall leap from a shadowy corner and beat you to a pulp thereby saving her life and winning her heart.
  • Jacob: That is far and away, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the worst plan I have ever heard.
  • Evie: Have you thought this through?
  • Hammon: Now put me down somewhere insalubrious and I shall ready an ambush for you. Somewhere in Lambeth should suffice.

Jacob or Evie drove to an area where Hammon got off.

  • Hammon: This'll do, looks rough enough. Off you go and nab her. She's at Waterloo station, I believe. Oh, and make sure you play your part well!

Jacob or Evie traveled to Waterloo station and kidnapped Bella Wilton.

  • Jacob: You're coming with me, little bird!
  • Evie: You're coming with me!
  • Bella: Oh, stop! Help!
    Oh my goodness!
    We make for a peculiar pair, you'll be found out in no time.
    Unhand me this instant!
    This is terribly inappropriate.
    Is there nothing I can say to make you release me?
    What is the meaning of this?
    I shan't be caught again!
    This one belongs in an asylum!
  • Jacob: I promise I won't hurt you!
    I'm abducting you for a friend! No, that still sounds terrible.
  • Evie: I can't believe I agreed to this nonsense!
    I have a good reason for doing this! I hope.

Jacob or Evie delivered Bella to Hammon.

  • Bella: I have no money, you know. You shall be sorely disappointed if you think you shall profit from this.
    Why are you doing this? Can you not say anything?
    I demand you explain yourself at once!

Jacob or Evie brought Bella to the area Hammon was waiting at.

  • Bella: Help! This brute has abducted me!
  • Hammon: Unhand her, ruffian! I shall save you, madam! For I am John Hammon, your fiance!
  • Bella: ...what?
  • Hammon: En garde!

Hammon attacked Jacob or Evie, prompting a fake fight.

  • Hammon: Take this, you rogue!
    Take your punishment!
    Ha! Clearly I am your better.
    I say, this is getting a little too real!
    You're not actually trying to kill me are you?
  • Bella: This is all rather suspicious.
    Will someone explain what is happening?
    What? A ruse! I suspected as much from the beginning!

Jacob or Evie lost the fake fight, being punched to the ground by Hammon.

  • Bella: What a happy coincidence that you were here to save me.
  • Hammon: Wasn't it? And if you will allow me, my dearest Bella, I shall forever be by your side to protect you from this day forth. Come, my dear. Let us be gone from this terrible place and I shall explain all.

Jacob or Evie got up after the couple left.

  • Jacob: I should return to Charlie and Charlie to tell them the happy news.
  • Evie: I'm certain Mister Dickens and Mister Darwin would like to know of their friend's good fortune.

Jacob or Evie returned to Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin to speak to them.

  • Dickens: And so all's well that ends well! Our young lovers are united at last and will soon marry.
  • Jacob: No accounting for taste, I suppose.
  • Evie: I, too, hope to meet a man who will fake his own death and arrange my abduction just to see if I can be trusted.
  • Darwin: And by the looks of you they really "hit it off"! Ha, ha!
  • Dickens: I must say it's all rather exciting. I do love these sorts of tales.
  • Darwin: It all feels strangely familiar. I wonder why? We should drink to John Hammon and his unconventional idea of courtship!
  • Dickens: Indeed! To John Hammon! Our mutual friend!


John Hammon convinced Bella to marry him, and Jacob or Evie reported the success to Dickens and Darwin's approval.