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"The Order is eternal"
―Ampelius' final words[src]

Ampelius, The Administrator

Ampelius of Capitolinus (unknown – 38 BCE) was a Roman officer who served as one of Gaius Julius Rufio's lieutenants in the Sinai Peninsula. He was also a member of the Order of the Ancients, using The Administrator as his cryptonym and oversaw all commerce in the peninsula, using the Walls-of-the-Ruler as his base of operations.[1]


Ampelius originated from Capitolinus in Rome and was trained on the Roman trade routes with the Usipetes and Tencteri, using violence as a means of securing trade. He later came to served under Rufio as one of his lieutenants and joining the Order of the Ancients.[2]

The Hidden Ones in Rome, led by Amunet, recorded his actions before sending the intel to the Hidden Ones bureau in Sinai. He was later sent to the peninsula, occupying the Walls-of-the-Ruler and blocking the Way of Horus as he saw fit and used dismemberment as his method of discipline and fear mongering.[2]

In 38 BCE, the Hidden Ones sent Maqwat and her partner to observe Ampelius' actions from an old watchower across the fort, ensuring that he does not leave the fort. When the Hidden Ones Mentor, Bayek of Siwa, arrived at the watchower, Maqwat gave him intel on Ampelius' whereabouts and appearance, as he was dressed like his captains, making it hard for him to be identified. Bayek eventually discovered assassinated Ampelius and as the Ancients laid dying, he proclaimed that the order would be eternal.[1]