Alvin was an Englishman who lived in the village on Grand Cayman in the early 18th century. Like many others in town, Alvin was a simple fisherman, and would make his living selling his catch to local vendors.

One day in 1716, however, Alvin managed to sell his entire catch to Vargas, the right-hand man to the Templar agent Lucia Márquez. During the sale, Alvin met both Templars at Vargas' home. He later boasted to two of his friends on the meeting and the large sum he had received in exchange for the fish. Unknown to the trio, Edward Kenway, a pirate investigating local Templar activity, overheard the conversation and tailed Alvin. After the group split up, Edward stole the bill of sale for the fish, and the address led him to Vargas' home.


  • If the memory "The Twin Dilemma" was accessed before Edward tailed Alvin, it was possible for Alvin to enter a restricted area near Grand Cayman's tavern. In this event, should Edward be caught stealing the bill of sale, Alvin could fight both Edward and the Royal Navy guards posted around the tavern.