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Alice (d. 1872) was a field agent of the American Rite of the Templar Order that was active during the 19th century.


In 1872, Alice was tasked to recover pages of Voynich manuscript that the Templars enthrusted to Ulysses S. Grant but were stolen by Horace Greeley, who was later poisoned by the Templars. She posed as a nurse, infiltrating the dying man's house in New York City, but was prevented from strangling him with a pillow by Tommy Greyling. While she failed to finish Greeley, Alice nevertheless escaped with the artifacts.

Deciding to arrest Alice for the attempted murder of his friend, the Pinkerton agent followed her to London, where Greeley told him that more pages were hidden in the British Museum. While on the boat crossing the Atlantic, Greyling met with Mark Twain, who heard stories about the Pieces of Eden and decided to help him avenge their deceased friend. Several days later, upon their arrival in the city, Greyling contacted the local authorities and Frederick Abberline accepted to help him catch the Templar. One night, after spotting Alice on the roof of the British Museum, they pursued her. However, once again Alice escaped and Greyling was only saved thanks to the timely arrival of the Assassins Evie Frye and Henry Green.

Later, Abberline revealed to the group that Alice's escape was in fact a distraction to lure the police away while her accomplices were searching the museum. After studying the mud on the body of Edward Feather, a policeman killed by Alice, they discovered that her base of operations was an abattoir in the city. In the slaughterhouse, they freed the kidnapped director of Acquisitions, Niall Hobday, whom Alice tortured to know the exact location of the pages in the Museum. However, Alice was waiting for them with some Blighters and a fight ensued during which all the thugs were killed and Alice escaped.

Back at Scotland Yard, they discovered the extent of Alice's schemes, discovering that she manipulated the anger of London policemen to organize a strike for better salary, to prevent her enemies from getting reinforcements. At the museum, the Assassins and their allies arrived just as the Templar and her henchmen got their hands on the pages. Once again, a fight ensued and Alice escaped with the artifact, setting fire to the museum. Pursuing the woman alone while the others were stopping the fire, Greyling lost her tracks after a cab chase.

While everyone believed that Alice had won and with Greyling telling the others that he would take the next boat about to sail for America, because there would be no others before one week, the Pinkerton suddenly understood that Alice would also be onboard. Discreetly boarding the ship with several policemen, Greyling waited to be in the Atlantic before cornering the Templar and eventually confronted her alone on the ship's deck. Alice offered him to join the Templar cause but Greyling refused and she threw the Voynich pages into the sea to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Assassins. Stating that she had grown fond of him, she warned him that his actions wouldn't go unoticed by her fellow Templars, before comitting suicide by jumping into the Atlantic.


  • During her interactions with Tommy Greyling, Alice was shown to be very flirtatious and adept at black humor.


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