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Alexandria is the second largest city of Egypt, located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is named after the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, who founded the city around 331 BCE.


In 30 BCE, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was killed in Alexandria by the Assassin Amunet with an asp.[1]

During the 1240s, the widow of the Assassin Sef Ibn-La'Ahad moved to the city with their children, after having spent some time in exile in Alamut.[2] In 1257, Sef's brother Darim moved to Alexandria to be with his family, after the Mongols started besieging the Assassins' fortress of Masyaf.[3]

A descendant of Altaïr named Iskender became the Mentor of the Assassins in Egypt and was headquartered in Alexandria. When he was captured and scheduled for execution, Ezio Auditore sent some Assassins to save him from his demise.[3]

The Templar Odai Dunqas also relocated to the city some time around 1505, after being driven away from his home by his family.[3]

In 1511, during an excavation of the destroyed library of Alexandria, the Mamluk Sultanate's soldiers discovered two Memory Seals in a chest from 331 BC. Ezio Auditore sent some Assassins from Constantinople to Alexandria to retrieve the seals.[3]


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