Marie Alexandre Lenoir (1761 – 1839) was a French archaeologist and museum curator.


As the French Revolution began, Lenoir set about saving and protecting the historic monuments, objects, and properties of France. He was able to demand that all national assets be confiscated and stored to avoid their dispersion or destruction.

Attempting to preserve French art, Lenoir sought to create a national museum at the Louvre in Paris. However, a group of smugglers looted valuable works of art throughout the Marais district, ravaging churches, mansions, as well as common dwellings. The Assassin Council therefore tasked the Assassin Arno Dorian with eliminating the leader of the smugglers in order to stop the looting. Arno proved successful in this.

Despite violent dechristianization campaigns, Lenoir openly fought against the rampant vandalism during the revolution. However, he was unable to stop the desecration of the royal tombs at the Basilica of Saint-Denis.