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This article is about the Emperor of Russia from 1855 to 1881. You may be looking for his son, Alexander III or others named Alexander.

Alexander II (29 April 1818 – 13 March 1881), born Alexander Nikolaevich Romanov, also known as Alexander the Liberator, was the Emperor of the Russian Empire from 3 March 1855 until his assassination in 1881, the King of Congress Poland and the Grand Duke of Finland. Secretly, he was influenced by the Templar Order.[1]

Eventually, the Tsar's promises began to fall flat, and so a group of revolutionaries in Russia – known as the People's Will – began plotting Alexander's murder. Despite numerous failed attempts, in 1881, the Assassin Ignacy Hryniewiecki[2] killed Alexander in a bomb attack on the Imperial carriage in Saint Petersburg.[1]



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