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The Assassin fortress in Alep

Alep is a large city in Syria, and the location of an Assassin fortress during the Third Crusade. In 1190, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad visited Alep twice, where his latter visit resulted in the death the Assassin Order's second-in-command, Harash, at Altaïr's hand, since the man had betrayed the Brotherhood.

Prior to this event, the Mentor Al Mualim resided at the fortress in Alep, until it came into near disarray.


The first of Altaïr's visits to Alep was during his return from an assignment. There, he found the fortress and a small village nearby besieged by Templars under Lord Basilisk's command. After repelling the attack, Altaïr met with Al Mualim, who gave him a new assignment concerning the Chalice.

During his second visit to the fortress, it had been corrupted by the traitor Harash, who had established his own guards around it. Accompanying this, Templars had also made their way inside, compromising the stronghold's security. Despite the fact that Altaïr managed to cleanse the fortress, Al Mualim and the Order decided to relocate to Masyaf.[1]

Later, after Altaïr's failure at Solomon's Temple, the city was mentioned by an informant in Damascus, during the assassination attempt on Abu'l Nuqoud. The man asked Altaïr about Adha and mentioned their past adventures in Alep, to which the Assassin quickly dissolved the conversation, not wishing to think of the events that had followed from that point.[2]


  • Alep is the French name of the city. In Arabic it is known as Halab, and in the English language, the name's Italian variant, Aleppo, is used.
  • Unlike Masyaf and Alamut, the Assassins never historically controlled Alep, though they did have a strong presence there during the reign of Fakhr al-Mulk Radwan.



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