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Al Mualim Knife
Rashid holding his knife

Rashid ad-Din Sinan's knife was a golden dagger with a blade coated in an unknown sleep-inducing toxin, that placed its victim into a deathlike state.

It was used on his apprentice Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, creating an opportunity to demote him to the rank of novice after the Defense of Masyaf, as a punishment for his failure at Solomon's Temple.[1]


  • A similar knife was used by Hassan-i Sabbāh to drug his new recruits and take them into lush gardens. This enabled him to claim that they were in paradise and say that he was the only one who could bring them there, earning their loyalty according to Marco Polo's accounts. These accounts, corresponding with contemporary Muslim historians, are likely to be the result of illusions fabricated by Hassan to impress his guests and disguise the operation of the Assassins.[2]


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