Aguilar de Nerha's journal was a personal journal written in 1491 by the Aguilar de Nerha during Spanish Inquisition.


Now that our new base of operations is secured, it is time to focus on our main task. We need to stop Torquemada, and to do so we must first discover what he has planned.


We have struck a blow to the Inquisition's financial state in Murcia by killing their corrupt merchant associate.

While searching his accounting books, we noted numerous payments made to a Scribe of the Inquisition. Surely this man exists to chronicle Torquemada's atrocities and secrets. He may have precious information that could help us in our struggle against the Templars.

We retrieved the Inquisition Scribe's journal and at last have a lead regarding Torquemada's plans. Inquisitor Gustavo Ramirez is one of his "Dogs of the Lord". At the Grand Inquisitor's request, Ramirez has been spreading misery throughout Murcia, and has established a small but well-protected stronghold on the outskirts of the province. Ramirez must be dealt with.

But to do so, we first need to infiltrate the abbey de la Fuensanta, where there waits a shipment of supplies for Ramirez's stronghold. Rumor has it that set of orders for Ramirez also travels with it. We will retrieve the intel, and use it to plan our attack.

Our visit to the abbey de la Fuensanta was fruitful. We have learned that Ramirez's stronghold should now be guarded by a smaller force, and we have stolen the supplies intended for his men. By redistributing them to local citizens who live in fear under the Inquisitor's ruthless control, we have done what we could to heal the wounds that Ramirez has caused in Murcia.

And now, we are ready to strike. We will infiltrate Ramirez's strongold and end his life.

Because of Ojeda's warning, Inquisitor Ramirez evaded our attack on his stronghold in Murcia. We were unable to stop his flight to Saragossa. We have followed Inquisitor Ramirez to an outpost on the edge of the city. We must not lose track of him!

We tracked Inquisitor Ramirez to an outpost, but were too late; he has gone into hiding. We have acquired intelligence that suggests he has something of great value in his possession.

We also learned that he ordered his most loyal Executioner to burn a dozen innocents in the town square tomorrow morning. The Executioner must bestopped at all cost. Then we will get sure that Ramirez is stopped once and for all!

It is a good day, as we freed the world from the Executioner of Saragossa, thereby saving dozens of innocents from fiery death. As he died, he confessed that Ramirez retrieved a precious artifact from St. Rafael Abbey on his way into hiding. We will search the Abbey for clues to the nature of this mysterious artifact. Could it be a Piece of Eden that he possessses, or some other powerful artifact? We must find out!


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