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Aguilar de Nerha
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Aguilar de Nerha[1] was a member of the Spanish Brotherhood of Assassins during the 15th century. He wore robes bearing Moorish influence and wielded two Hidden Blades. He is an ancestor of Callum Lynch, who relived his genetic memories at some point in the modern era.[2] Near the end of the 15th century, he performed a Leap of Faith from the Seville Cathedral.



  • Aguilar, and his modern day descendant, Callum Lynch, will both be portrayed by Michael Fassbender in the forthcoming Assassin's Creed motion picture.
  • "Aguilar" is a Spanish surname meaning "relative to eagles".
  • In the second trailer, before the leap of the cart to the ledge, Aguilar shows he had some modification on the top of his bracer that allows him to hook onto objects, similar to the Frye Twins in Victorian Era.


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