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ACLocus New York draft

Adelina Patti and Tommy Greyling during the Draft Riots.

Adelina Juana Maria Patti (10 February 1843 – 27 September 1919) was a highly acclaimed 19th-century Italian opera singer raised in New York City, earning huge fees at the height of her career in the music capitals of Europe and America.

Patti was one of the most famous sopranos in history and the admiration for Patti's talent was shared by numerous music critics and social commentators of her era.


In 1863, while touring in New York City, she was attacked by thugs but saved by police officer Tommy Greyling. As he was escorting her back to safety, riots started in the city and the two spent a couple of days together, hiding and developing a mutual attraction.

Later, while fleeing the looting of Greyling's brother's house, they witnessed Abraham being beaten by a group of white rioters and Greyling saved the aging man. However he was seriously injured and adamant about finding his daughter. They helped him back to the house of his employeer and witnessed the death of the old man. They also witnessed the fight between Assassin Varius and Templar Cudgel Cormac and helped Abraham's daughter to bring Varius to a hospital.

Before going their separate ways, Patti and Greyling professed their love for each other, despite Greyling's previous comments about being too different.


  • While she is recorded as being childless, she in fact had a secret child and was an ancestor of Natalya Aliyev.


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