The Abstergo Industries Geosimulation Workspace was an initiative run by Abstergo Industries' entertainment branch to serve as an empirical study of global war as a social process, contributing to the evolution of a predictive, analytical model of collective dynamics.

To achieve this, Abstergo selected some of the users of its Animus games console and gave them special clearance to partake in the project, who would then give Abstergo the statistics needed to achieve their goals.

In the workspace, Abstergo used rendered avatars that were created using the genetic memory of individuals, to serve as agents for the users of the Animus games console to control. Their functions depended on the nodes they occupied, with avatars possessing the ability to attack other occupied nodes, stand guard, and travel to other friendly territories, along with other carrying out other instructions from their respective users.

The two factions represented in the geosimulation were the Assassins and Abstergo, and each Animus console user was free to pick between them freely. User progress would reset every week.


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