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Abstergo Entertainment is a subsidiary of Abstergo Industries, tasked with producing multimedia consumer goods.

Its primary product is a gaming console version of the Animus, known as Animus Omega, which is sold on a worldwide scale. Through its initial basis, it enabled the company to influence the general public through pre-packaged genetic memories and wide, social gaming constructs.[1]

The company's main mediums included video games, movies and other media sourced from genetic memories. Their games were released in partnership with Ubisoft. The division's first major release was a 2012 game entitled Liberation, entailing the story of the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré.

Since 2013, Abstergo Entertainment offices in Montreal have been focusing on the Sample 17 Project, involving the genetic memories harvested from Desmond Miles' DNA, in hopes of finding new, interesting settings for future products. The two current projects derived from these memories are a video game titled Pirates of Nightmares, and a feature film titled Devils of the Caribbean, both focusing on Desmond's ancestor, Edward Kenway.[2]

However, despite these aims, the scheme faced some opposition from a group of hackers known only as the Erudito Collective, who intended to reveal the falsified histories which Abstergo had created for their products.[1][3]

In the future, the company hopes to open 'sample collection' locations, where individuals can donate samples of their genetic code to the Abstergo system, allowing the company access to exciting new scenarios locked away within DNA. These genetic memories would then be explored by research analysts, and, if deemed good investments, would go into production. 


  • The Abstergo Entertainment Montreal building is located on the site of the real life Olympic stadium.
  • Despite being a subsidiary of the Templar-run Abstergo Industries, there were no major Templars working at Abstergo Entertainment as of 2013, although some of the Inner Sanctum, such as Alan Rikkin and Laetitia England, were in contact with Olivier Garneau.[4]


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