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AC1 Lucy Abstergo Mail

Lucy Stillman's Abstergo Email Network account

The Abstergo Email Network was the internet email service used by Abstergo employees in the 21st century.

During his incarceration at Abstergo, Desmond Miles gained access to the emails of Warren Vidic, Lucy Stillman, and one secret laptop in the conference room, used by Vidic; this was achieved through Lucy's efforts, and by Desmond pickpocketing Vidic.

As a result, Desmond used this network to gain valuable knowledge about Abstergo's satellite launch, the mysterious death of Lucy's friend Leila Marino, Vidic's neglect of what he did with his access pen, passwords sent to Vidic, information on previous Animus test subjects, the rescue efforts of the Assassins written in code to Lucy, and news of other Pieces of Eden.

Through one of the emails, he also gained the password of the conference room, which allowed him to read an email further detailing the Pieces of Eden, as well as gain insight on the Chalice and the Philadelphia Project.


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